DIY Growing Garlic : How to Grow Garlic plant

Growing Garlic Step 4:When to Harvest Garlic Roots?

How to grow garlic plants

  • Harvesting is the most delicate period of a garlic plant among the entire cultivation, as if you rush to this step too early, you may miss the ripe form, on the other hand, if you are too late for harvesting, you may rot the bulbs in the ground!
  • If you want to harvest the scape or the green stalk then, pull them when they are in tender form. Don’t pull scape from each plant, as it may damage the root bulb from the inside.
  • Now, when the leaves turn yellow or pale brown, you will know that the proper time of harvesting just come up.
  • Wait for 2 or 4 more days and then, gently dig out the root and take the bulb head out from each plant. Be careful that you are not harming any of the roots while digging the soil.
  • Now, all you need is just soak and drain each clove head and preserve them in a cool and dry place of your house for the future use.

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How to harvest and store garlic

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