DIY Growing Garlic : How to Grow Garlic plant

Tips on the Cultivation of Garlic Plants:

To get the best result on the cultivation of garlic plants we should validate a few things apart from that following procedure and they are-

Growing garlic plantThough we have told you to choose the sowing season as per the garlic category yet, mid-autumn or early-spring season generally suits with all kind of garlic species, so try to plant your garlic during this session to get the best result.

  • Clay it that one object which doesn’t work good for a garlic soil, so try not to include any part of clay in your potting or garden soil, while making a garlic field.
  • Always choose bigger cloves as the garlic seeds over the smaller ones to get the germination more rapidly.
  • If you are in a hurry to harvest your garlic bulb then, try to grow your plant in a warm or sunny place when they started stalking or getting tender scapes.
  • Protect your garlic field with fence or barrier, so then they couldn’t be eaten by any of the animals out there. Because, if anyone drags or pull hardly the green stalks from the top then, it may prevent the proper growth or enlargement of a garlic head immediately, which really very unfortunate for a gardener!
  • Don’t wait to dry the leaves completely for harvesting your garlic plants, as it may loosen the head under the soil and you will never get a proper garlic clove after that incident again!

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