DIY Holiday Fireplace Decor Ideas: Real and Faux Fireplace Ideas

A fireplace is a functional and immensely crucial place of a house, especially, during the winter season. But, currently, this specific part of our house considers a vital segment of our house interior and became a useful decorative part of the home.

This significant portion and its decoration could actually enhance or destroy the look of a room entirely. Carnivals like Christmas, Halloween, Easter, etc. and in-house parties like birthday, anniversary, New Year celebrations or even weekend parties are some brilliant opportunities to utilize this space of a house smartly for decoration.

A fireplace could be made only out of bricks, concrete, stone, etc. hard materials; however, it can use anything and everything to get a perfect decorative or designed look according to your desiring glance. So, here we come up with some extravagant DIY fireplace décor ideas which are inexpensive and quick-to-get for both the festival as well as the normal look of your house interior. Let’s check the patterns out and grab an exclusive fireplace decoration idea for our fire pit now-

1. Pleasing-the-Eyes Fire Pit Décor with Colorful Block Logs:

Colorful block logs could enhance the look of a fireplace in a true present way and this project is a bright instance of that.  source

2. DIY Faux Fireplace Decoration with Cactus Pots:

Faux fireplace decoration is a common fire pit adornment idea that looks more eye-catchy with these cactus pot displays in an architectural manner.  source

3. Beautifully Open & Airy Layout Fireplace Decoration:

This is an exclusive fireplace decoration you can apply on fire pit which is located in the wide living or drawing area of your house.  source

4. Minimalistic Fireplace Décor with Stacked Magazines:

People with reading habits would love this style of fireplace decoration and could use this one commonplace of the house for two different purposes as well.  source

5. Super Vibrant Fireplace with Painted Walls:

This is a project for the people, who like bright colors in their house; let’s enhance the beauty of this type of fire pit with a DIY painted wall that is adorned with some nice images on it.  source

6. Contemporary Chalk Fireplace with Festive Décor:

This type of fireplace design could be used effortlessly for any type of adornment because of its chalkboard pattern, as you can use it to make any kind of quotes, designs or signs as per your need.  source

7. Cozy Fireplace Décor with Bright Pillows:

This is an exclusive fireplace décor idea that resembles absolutely cozy with these bright and puffy pillows at the center of the pit.


8. Kitchen Fireplace Décor with Cookbooks and Spices:

This project would fit more amazingly with the fireplace that is situated in your kitchen, where you can use the space cleverly for the help in cooking along with a decorative spot in that area.  source

9. Mirror Faux Fireplace with Piled Wood Logs:

Get an elegant fireplace decoration with the mirror on the top and piled wood logs in the empty space of a pit.  source

10. Geometric Fireplace Décor with Electric Array of Color:

This is a one modern-age fireplace decoration that looks absolutely catchy with its trendy electric array of color coordination.   source

11. Flameless Fireplace Décor in Boho Inspo Display:


12. Rustic Fireplace Décor with Heirloom Pumpkin Display:

This is the most excellent fireplace decoration idea for a festive celebration and goes best with the Halloween commemoration more accurately.  source

13. Classy Fireplace Décor with Sparkling Ornaments:


14. Traditional Stone Fireplace with Above-Mantle Inset:

This is an expensive fireplace decoration that provides an absolute traditional look for its stone structure and flaunts more attractive for its above-mantle autumn sign.  source

15. Repurposed Fireplace Decor in Arched Metal Window Frame:


16. Sophisticated White Paneling Fireplace Decor with Marble Surround:

This is a superbly elegant fireplace décor idea that could beautify the entire look of your house in a sophisticated way. Try to use something polite to adorn such place that suits with the white in a subtle way. source

17. Ancient-Pattern Stone Fireplace with Curved Timber Mantle:

It is a stone-made rustic type fireplace that provides us with an ancient look and goes spectacularly with this curveed timber mantle for its rustiness.  source

18. DIY Fireplace Stand Out Pattern with Rustic Decorating Texture:


19. Corner Fireplace Décor with Vertical Wood Frames and Accessories :

This is a perfect project for those people, who have their fire pit at the corner of a room instead of the center. The wide frames and accessory display flaunt more fashionable on the stone surface.  source

20. Substantial Wood Creates-made Fireplace Decor for a Rustic Look:

This is a recycling project that is cheap to apply but provides a complete pastoral look with its DIY wooden decorations.  source

21. Mirror Surrounded Fireplace with Vintage Wheat & Pumpkin Ornaments:


22. Super Chic Fireplace Decor with Built-in Shelves:

This is a great fireplace project that could give you a perfect safety from the unwanted fire mishaps due to its securely built-in shelves pattern.  source

23. Mesmerizing Fireplace Décor in Splendid Autumn Style:


24. Fitted Field Stone Fireplace in White & Grey Shades with Elegant Decor:

This is one more inexpensive yet elegant fireplace décor project you can grab easily with a nice combination of colors on its super graceful white surroundings.  source

25. White Fireplace with Brass & Wood Decors in Focal Point Pattern:

This is a supremely classy fireplace decoration idea that suits mostly on parties or occasions due to its glorious flaunts and exclusive accessories.  source

26. Standard Black & White Fireplace Décor with Socks and Chalkboard:

This is a subtle Christmas décor idea that is supremely effective on classy fireplace spaces in an effortless way.  source

27. Whimsical Fireplace Décor with Wreath and Garland:

Any Christmas decoration is incomplete without a wreath and garland embellishment and this is a no doubt a great project in this regard.  source

28. DIY Whitish Fireplace Décor with Snowy Embellishments:


29. Customary Fireplace Décor with Array of Trees:


30. Wild Fireplace Decoration with Tree Trimming and Cherries:


31. Cute and Easy Fireplace Décor with Twinkling Lights:

Twinkling lights are some other type of common house adornment for the Christmas celebration, let’s use this component to décor your fire pit as well through this easy-to-apply project.  source

32. Simple DIY Fireplace Décor with Let-it-Snow Style:


33. Country Patterned Fireplace Décor with Greenery Display:

This is one whimsical Christmas décor design that looks more attractive when applies on the fireplace or mantle base with some real greenery objectives.


34. Graceful Fireplace Décor with Eucalyptus and Metallic Accents:

This is a trendy and graceful fireplace décor idea where nature touch of eucalyptus enhances at its best with the artificial metallic accents.


35. Classy Fireplace Adornment with DIY Silver Wreath:


36. Shiny Fireplace Décor in Merry Monogram Pattern:


37. Elite Fireplace Embellishment with Red Barn Decor:


38. Rustic Antlers Fireplace Décor for Christmas:


39. Colorful Christmas Mantel Décor with DIY Trees:


40. Vintage Fireplace Décor with Frames and Brown Socks:

Socks are an inseparable Christmas ornament and they look more attractive when hanging on a vintage-patterned fireplace and décor with some artificial snowflakes along with trendy Santa touch. 

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