Simple and Easy Rock Painting Ideas - Easy Stone Painting

30 Impressive Rock Painting Ideas: Painted Stones (Pictures)

You will amazing and inspiring rock painting ideas and easy and simple stone paint for kids too. From abstract and mandala paintings to cute animals and motivational rocks. Bored with tutorials, scroll down to the next image to rock your creativity.

Decorating stones and rocks with various colorful paintings is no doubt one of the most enjoyable crafts of all time. Stones are cheap and most of the time they give us a natural abstract touch with their unique shapes or patterns.

The most amazing part of this type of craft is that the base component is adaptable enough to get adorned with any sort of design.

You can use these decorated rocks to increase the beauty of your home or garden area or any part of your house in an exclusive way.

Simple and Easy Rock Painting Ideas - Easy Stone Painting

Top Searched Stone/ Rock Painting Ideas

  1. Mandala Stones/ Rock Painting: Mandala designs are intricate and symmetrical patterns that are perfect for painting on stones. Choose from various mandala designs, such as the Chakra Mandala, Lotus Mandala, or the Sun Mandala.
  2. Animal Painted Stones: You can paint various animals like cats, dogs, birds, fishes, turtles, etc. on stones.
  3. Inspirational Quotes: Use inspirational quotes like “believe in yourself,” “never give up,” or “be kind” on stones. These inspirational stones can be great gifts for your loved ones.
  4. Landscape Stones: Paint landscapes like mountains, rivers, forests, and beaches on stones. These stones can be used as home decor items or paperweights.
  5. Cartoon Characters: Painting popular cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, SpongeBob SquarePants, or Winnie the Pooh on Stones. These stones are perfect for kids’ rooms or for gifting to kids.
  6. Abstract Art: Create abstract art using different colors and designs on stones. These stones are perfect for adding a pop of color to any room.
  7. Personalized Stones: You can paint personalized stones with initials, names, or dates on them. These stones can be used as paperweights or as garden markers.

So, here we go with some outstanding rock painting ideas along with the tutorial of some of these beautiful projects in step-by-step methods. Let’s check them out and take your crafting skill to another level with the magnificent versatility of such projects. Take a close look below-

Tiger Rock

This is an exciting project for the people, who have an interest in stone crafts and painted-rock phenomenon. This is one more plain and easy-to-paint project which can be done by any beginner or even by a kid!

Supplies You Need:

How to Prepare:

  • At first, pick a large stone, paint it up with white paints and let it dry for a few while before going for the next stage
  • On the next stage, choose vibrant acrylic colors and cover stone entirely with that color in a single layer
  • When the paint layer is dried enough, draw an image on the colorful surface with the help of a sharp pencil
  • Now, highlight the sketch with a dark marker over the pencil liner and paint the design with another dusky acrylic paint accordingly
  • You can keep the behind part plain or use it for writing some text to get a completely unique touch on your painter rocks naturally.

DIY Rock Painting for the Beginners:

This is a supremely simple rock painting project which is absolutely suitable for the novice or first timers due to its plain process. All you need is just a few colorful acrylic craft paint with different shades and a basic painting skill to get it started.

Supplies You Need:

  • Some black River rocks
  • Acrylic craft paints
  • Square paint brush
  • Painters tape with edge lock
  • Pencil
  • Sharpie metallic marker
  • Oil-based paint pen
  • Mod Podge

How to Prepare:

  • At first, take some black color river rocks with different shapes and clean their top surface properly
  • Now, drop a small amount of white paint on a black rock and paint it thoroughly with a paintbrush
  • Repeat this process with 2-3 stones and go for some different design for another set of rocks
  • Take a stone, cover the half of it with a painter tape and paint the open part with a colorful paint
  • When the paint layer is dried enough, remove the tape and make some designs on the remaining part with the help of a metallic marker
  • When the white paint of your previously painted rocks is dried properly, sketch some lines and decorate the rock with some other types of paint layers as well as designs accordingly
  • You can keep some stones unpainted if you want and sketch some pretty designs directly onto the black surface with some deep markers
  • You can also make some meaningful notes or motto or letters on the black surface of the stones with the help of some glittery markers
  • When you make a number of decorative rocks with different designs, place them on your desiring place and use them to embellish your house beautifully.

Cute Rocks: Foods & Things Painting Idea:

This is a totally fun project and probably the best choice to try with your kids due to its adorable designs. Here you can include or exclude some more amusing theme to increase the whole excitement of your children towards this type of easy painting crafts smartly.

Supplies You Need:

  • River rocks with different shapes and shades
  • Acrylic paints
  • Paintbrushes
  • Pen or pencil
  • Markers
  • Duct tape
  • And some markers

How to Prepare:

  • For the first shoe-type painting, pick two stones which are similar in size and shape
  • Paint the stones with a couple of paint coats with any prefer acrylic paint, here we are using blue color
  • Once the paint is dried enough, take a pencil and draw the straps of the sandal on the rock deeply
  • Then, took some dark-colored acrylic paint and paint the straps with several coats that you have sketched accordingly
  • You can apply some water coating on the top and bottom part of those straps to give your stone a perfect sandal look from every aspect
  • Repeat this process with the rest similar stone and set them apart to dry entirely
  • To paint rive stones in the shape of Emoji, choose some stones with round shapes and paint them up with yellow acrylic paint
  • Use several coats on each stone to get the yellow surface of an Emoji flawlessly on your craft
  • When the yellow paint is dried enough, take a pencil and draw the facial features of the Emoji on the top surface
  • Use the paint for facial features according to it needs, like black for eyes, red for love or white for teeth etc.
  • To make a fruit-like rock painting, you can pick stones with random sizes and shapes based on your desiring fruit slice you want to draw
  • For a watermelon slice, take a triangular type of stone and cover the ¾ part of that stone with reddish pink acrylic paint
  • Use a vibrant small amount of white acrylic paint along with some water on your brush and dab it around the red surface to get a perfect fruity texture on your stone
  • Now take white acrylic paint and add a white edge at the bottom of the rock, exactly where the red paint has finished
  • For the extreme bottom, use deep green color at the bottom of the edge of that rock and blend the paint layer when the white and green color merges directly
  • In the last step, add some seeds on the red surface on your rock watermelon with the help of a black acrylic paint
  • Now, go ahead with the next project where we would learn to paint the rocks in the shape of some common fast food in an easy way
  • Take a stone that has quite hotdog shape and one with a burger shape to make these two most popular fast food designs on the rock surface effortlessly
  • Take ivory and light brown acrylic paint to get the resemblance of the bun at the bottom part of the stone appropriately
  • Paint both sides of the stone similarly with the same color and keep the inside part empty
  • Now pick a color that matches the hotdog color and paint it up between the two bun pieces with several layers
  • Mix a drop of yellow and a drop of red acrylic paint with a few drops of water in a painting plate and apply this color on the bun side of your rock by dabbing it randomly with a thick paintbrush
  • When you get the perfect bread color, let it dry properly for several hours before going for the next stage
  • On the next stage, add some layers of mustard and ketchup with the help of yellow and red acrylic paint accordingly like a real hot dog
  • On the final project, let us make the illusion of a beautiful butterfly or some other fascinating bug on the stone surface
  • To do so, use a pencil or a pen to draw the shape of the desiring bug on a rock directly
  • Now, draw a line of shadow around the edges of the butterfly to make it looks like it seating on the rock
  • Take some heavily diluted black color to paint the shadow areas and when the paint is dried properly, complete the painting of the butterfly with some suitable shades
  • Use some light acrylic paints to make some designs on the body of your paint butterfly to make it as much realistic as you can
  • Use black acrylic paints to draw the body and edges and the antennas of the butterfly in a perfect manner
  • When all the stones are dried properly, use them to decorate your party or house uniquely with these exclusively designed stones or rocks magnificently.

Some more Useful Ideas on Rock Paintings:

People, who are still not satisfied with these above stone-painting projects, here are some more exciting rock craft ideas which are super cute to look and utterly simple to make as well. Let’s explore them quickly-

1. Adorable Green Rock Tortoise:

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2. Toy Town with Rock Houses:

unknown source

3. Cute & Colorful Rock Ladybugs and Bee:

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Ladybird/ Lady Bug Rock Painting

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4. Rainy Day Rock Monsters Painting:

5. Rainy Days and Summer Kids Rock Painting Activity

6. Eye-Catchy Cactus Pot with River Rocks:

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7. Super Cute Owl Stones:

8. Good Vibes

9. Flowers on Rocks:

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10. Up Movie Inspired Painted Rock – Adventure is Out There:

11. Monster Rocks -Kids Summer Activity:


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Pet rocks

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12. Fall Season Leaves:

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Friends Painted Rock

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Painted Popcorn Rock

Shape Used for Creative Frog Painted Rock

13. Motivational Rocks:

14. Mandala Painted Rocks

15. Vibrant Rocks Strawberries:

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16. Brilliant Rock Art Dragon Fly:


17. Painted Flower Rocks

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18. Mermaid:

19. DIY Story Stones for Kids:

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20. Easter Chicks and Eggs:

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