Homemade Play Dough Recipe: Non Toxic and Kid Friendly

Out in the market, there are a lot of play doughs easily available, but we thought of making our own. Inspired by a Pinterest post started this play dough recipe, it really came out well. Made my kids to mix this play dough, they had fun making their own play dough. Since this was a trial we just started with one color and with boys its obvious to go for blue. Come on let’s start,

Homemade Non-Toxic Play Dough


  •  A small cup of all-purpose flour
  • 1/4  Hot water
  • 1/8 Salt
  • 1/2 Tbsp of Coconut oil ( You can use your favorite one)
  • Food Coloring as you need or kool-aid.

How to

Take the ingredients and a mixing bowl

First, add oil and hot water to the bowl

Now add the food coloring, kids used their popsicle stick to stir it around

We added the oil and food color in hot water before flour and salt, as it would get dissolved easily

Even you could follow it up with salt and then the flour.

Since I gave the job to kids, I placed a sheet above the table. Careful with the hot water if your kids are below 8.

As you stir you will reach a consistency like the above one. felt a little bit sticky, so added a spoon of flour more and now we started to mix it and played with our hands

And here is the final result it came out well. If it is sticky or too dry, you can add flour or water as it needs.

And the final dough was really good. It was very flexible enough to roll it as an earthworm and at the same time, it was hard enough to make standing structures.

And yes kids loved the making process. And slowly it went on with other food colors too.

This content and images were from Kristina, you can also submit your DIY crafts or recipes with images and instruction. We will be more than happy to add to our blog.

Cheers and tell us how it went for you.

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