30 Christmas Table Decor Ideas: Appealing Holiday Table Settings

Christmas will come within one an half months and our last minute plans are still uncompleted. A Christmas feast is imperfect without a proper table decoration, isn’t it? No matter how beautifully we adorn our houses for a Christmas celebration, it looks incomplete without a perfectly embellish Christmas table. When we are talking about a perfect Christmas table, it includes every single detail about a dining table, from centerpiece to card, from napkins to plates, and from dinnerware to spoons. You can use these stuff smartly with various ornamentations to set a perfect Christmas table for your celebration.

DIY Elegant and Traditional Table Decor Ideas

So, here we come up with some outstandingly inspirational ideas for Christmas table décor and table setting. Let’s check them out and make your Christmas feast more beautiful for your family-

1. DIY Confetti Christmas Tree Cone:

If you are planning for a contemporary type table decoration for your Christmas celebration then, this idea will surely blow your mind with its brilliance. This project inspires you to make some Christmas trees which are easy to put up and comes within a reasonable budget too. To make such gorgeous confetti Christmas tree you may need these supplies-

Clear cones of different sizes

Clear stencil adhesive


Spray paint

And spray snow

Via- sugar & cloth

Cranberry Wreath Place Cards

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Eye-Catching Christmas Home and table Decor – Home Tour

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2. Pretty Epsom Salt Luminaries:

Your Christmas table could look absolutely divining with these whitish luminaries made of Epsom salt over clear mason jars. Try to decorate the luminaries with some other Christmas ornamentations to increase the beauty of your table and use them as a centerpiece for your feast.

Via- pretty luminaries

Use Cake Stand for Table Decor

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Holiday Table Setting Ideas bouquet flowers luminaries and pinecones

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3. Traditional Boxwood Wreaths:

#50 DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas: Warm Welcoming Christmas Wreaths

A Christmas decoration is literally incomplete without a wreath, right? So, how about including these wreaths in your Christmas table decoration? Well, definitely it would a nice idea and using them for emphasizing some pillar candle on your table would make your decoration more stunning from every aspect.

Via- wreath decoration

4. Floating Pine Candle Holders:

Some unequally designed candle holder placed in some stylish order on your dining table could unquestionably enhance the whole view of your area. So, here is an exclusive DIY table decoration idea using some glass jars for floating pines inside them and utilizing them as the classy candle holders for your Christmas festivity.

Via- candle holders

5. Attractive Ornament Pendulum:

This ornament pendulum is a striking DIY centerpiece for a perfect Christmas table decoration. Here you need to hang some glass orbs orderly and swing them side to side occasionally to feel is a magical presence during your whole festivity. Supplies you may need for this type of project are as follows-

Some cup hooks

Wood glue

Brad’s nails

5 wooden pieces with three different dimensions

And a drill machine

Via- Christmas pendulum

6. Mini Christmas Trees with Candles:


A Christmas table decoration could not look more perfect than adorned having some Christmas trees as its main adornment, right? Simply, buy some readymade artificial Christmas trees or craft some faux trees through an easy DIY process and place them in a wooden frame to use as a rustic centerpiece for your dining table. You can decorate the trees with some more catchy Christmas ornaments if you want, and order with some heavy candles would give you a perfect Christmas feast goal with its natural look.

Via- Christmas tree

7. Adorable Snowman Table Setting:

Embellishing your dinnerware with a snowman shape is a magnificent idea to decorate your Christmas celebration more accurately. This is one of easiest Christmas decoration ideas too, which could be tried even by your kiddos and give you the perfect Christmas goal through an effortless DIY process. Things you may need for this kind of decoration are-

White plates with two different sizes

Spoon and fork set

Maroon and black napkins

White placemats


Black olive


And voila

Related Snowman

Via- table snowman

8. Napkin-Made Pretty Christmas Tree:


Here is one more table decoration idea which highlighting the Christmas tree as the base of its table decoration. All you need to use here are white plates and placemats along with green napkins to prepare the DIY Christmas in your table setting process beautifully.

Via- rocking Christmas tree

9. Rustic Cabin lantern with Pine Cones:

If you love to decorate your Christmas table in an old or traditional way then, this cabin lantern centerpiece is the best choice for a perfect Christmas table setting. This one type of rustic looking lantern that resembles even more conventional while decorates with some pinecones and traditional Christmas ornaments around it.

Via-rustic lantern

10. Elegant Winter Wonderland Table Setting:

This elegantly decorates Christmas table decoration idea could make your entire festive season with its super classy whitish wonderland setting. All you need to do is just gather the dining supplies which come with milky white shade and pair them with some golden or beige ornamentation and spoon to give a perfect wonderland touch in your decoration.

Via- DIY stylish table

11. Candy Cane Tag holders with Ribbon:

Candy cane has an inseparable image with Christmas celebration and any table decoration look more elegant with some pretty card holders, so here we punch these two ideas smartly in this project. Use two candy canes to prepare a tasty card or tag holder for your decorative dining table and order them with a pretty red ribbon to get a perfect Christmas look.

Via- blogpost.com

12. Country Christmas Table Topper:

If you are planning a Christmas celebration in the countryside area or thinking of a traditional Christmas table decoration then, this is the best project for you to pick. You need to make a DIY table topper for this kind of decoration with lots of common Christmas ornaments and adornments. Use a slate to make a rustic country type Christmas placard at the bottom of your step by step centerpiece.

Via- table topper

13. Conventional Cinnamon Stick Servilletas:

Using the table napkin for the decoration of your Christmas table is a smart way to do the job most amazingly. This is a simple table decorating idea where you need to tie some beautifully rolled cinnamon sticks with white napkins along with a decorative twist.

Via- conventional decoration

14. Decorative Candle Holder with Heavy Pedestal:

Candles with some eye-catchy candle holders are the commonest and one of the easiest decoration ideas for a Christmas table setting. Try to use candles with different shapes and sizes and place them on some heavily designed pedestals with various types of adornments. These types of candle decorations would make your Christmas table beautiful in every possible way and also provide you a fascinating lighting work on your dining area as well.

Via- heavy candle holders

15. Colorful Tea Lights with Cranberries:

Tea lights could make a place magical with their exclusive resemblance, so you can use them as the centerpiece of your table decoration remarkably. Try to use colorful tea light and place them in a vibrant plate or placemat to beautify the whole look of these lights more spectacularly. Surrounding them with some tasty cranberries would be a great idea for these types of conventional decorations.

Via- tea lights

16. Urban Christmas Tree Tabletop:

An adorned Christmas tree tabletop is an ideal embellishing idea for a perfect Christmas celebration. You only need some basic ornamentations of Christmas with an artificial tree with lots of branches spreading over the head, to do this project.

Via- glossy-tree

17. Christmas Song Lyric Table Runner:

A table runner could be used brilliantly for any type of decorative table setting and this concept is not exceptional here as well. placing a fabric-based elegant table runner and using it for the Christmas song lyric would be a unique type of table setting idea indeed.

Via- DIY table runner

18. Christmas Tree Cutlery Holder:

Making Christmas tree as the main table decoration is a sparkling idea for a perfect Christmas table setting. You can use different types of objects to give it a shape of Christmas tree cutlery in your dining table.


19. DIY Pinecone Card Holder:

We have already seen the beauty of a card or tag holder in a perfectly organized Christmas feast. This project will show you how to use a simple pinecone for this purpose and how to use neon highlighters on such natural card holders expertly.

Via- Camille styles

20. Exclusive Candle Lit Wineglasses:

If you don’t have enough budgets for this year Christmas decoration then, try this smart adornment idea where you can use your wine glasses as the exclusive candlelit holders in a unique style. Assemble bright Christmas ornaments or Christmas balls inside the glass surface and use the pedestal part as the holder of the candles smartly.

Via- DIY candle lit

21. Glass Jar Decoration Holder Centerpiece:

If you have a large and clear glass jar in your house then, you don’t need to spend many pennies for your Christmas table decoration and could get the best decretive pattern in the most low-cost way. All you need to do is just place some glittery and gorgeous Christmas ornaments, balls, pinecones, and artificial cranberries to assemble them heavily inside that jar to use it an eye-catchy centerpiece of your table.

Via- stunning jar

22. Fascinating Pinecone and Candle Decoration – Rustic and Farmhouse Setting:

Making a randomly placed tabletop using some thick candles and pinecones would be one of the typical yet classy table setting ideas for a perfect Christmas celebration. Use some rustic looking candle-holders to enhance the rustic look of this style more spectacularly.

Via- tablescape

23. Santa Claude Cap Christmas Tabletop:

A Christmas is impossible without a Santa Claude and thus, using any feature of this magical gift-deliverer in your Christmas decoration would be a brilliant idea indeed. Here we are using the famous hat of Santa Claude as the centerpiece of your table on the base of some elegant cotton ball on the stick of candy canes to decorate the center part of your dining table during a lavish Christmas celebration.

24. Glass Vases with Christmas Ornaments:

This is one of the simplest and most effortless DIY decoration projects for a Christmas celebration. You can use this type of decoration for the side table or center table of your house as well, along with a dining table for the Christmas festivity. Supplies you need for this type of projects are-

Clear glass vases

Glass globe

Christmas decorations

Christmas ornaments

Gorgeous balls

Red ribbons

And some bells

Via- Christmas Vase

25. Utterly Gorgeous Holiday Table Decoration:

This is a striking holiday table decoration idea which we could happily include in our Christmas celebration with some rustic touch, like tree-bark placemats, silver candle holders, pine leaf decorations, etc.

Via- holiday table

26. Beautiful Platter with Christmas Balls:

It is one more simple yet attractive Christmas table décor idea where you can adorn a plain table platter to highlight the whole table by placing only some attractive Christmas balls in it.

Via- Christmas platter

27. DIY Lantern Light Centerpiece:

Lanterns look great for any type of house decoration and they could make a wonderful centerpiece for your Christmas table setting too. use some pinecones and fresh greeneries around the lanterns emphasize its whole look more traditionally.

28. Fragrant Light Christmas Centerpiece:

A celebration would complete more accurately when we can merge the decoration with some mesmerizing fragrances and this project would fulfill your desire magnificently in this regard.

Via- Midwest living

29. Wooden Box Christmas Table Centerpiece:

A wooden box table centerpiece is an all-time typical tale decoration style for a traditional or rustic appearance. Use fresh greenery, pine cones, and artificial cranberries along with one or two candles or candle-holders in the middle of that box.

Via- wooden box

30. DIY Snowman Christmas Ornament Used for Table Decor:

A snowman not only looks attractive on a dinnerware but also flaunts spectacularly striking while uses as a centerpiece on your decorative Christmas table too. This project will show you how to prepare such simple yet adorable snowman ornament easily with some basic crafting supplies.

Via- Christmas snowman

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