30 DIY Fabric Basket Sewing Patterns : Impressive Storage Bin Tutorial

Fabric baskets are one wonderful type of component that not only helps us to keep important stuff organized but also provides a room a classy homely look naturally. On the other hand, they are extremely inexpensive in cost, whether you are going to purchase it from the market or crafting some pieces in your own workshop.

Making fabric bins at home is really fun and exciting for any DIY lover, as the compatibility of the fabric allows us to craft a strong basket in any pattern, any color, and any desired shape we want. The best part is that you can wash or apply any type of normal cleaning method to your basket when it is made of a fabric piece.

So, here we go with some outstanding DIY fabric basket bin projects for you to give your room a perfect organized look in the most effortless way. Let’s take a rapid look below- (Updated May 2020)

Quick Fabric Storage Basket with Handle

View sewing tutorial

Fabric Egg Basket & Easter Eggs

Sewing Pattern Fabric Egg Basket Easter Eggs

At Diaryofaquilter

Square Fabric Baskets With Buttons

Square Fabric Baskets Sweing Pattern With Buttons

Get step by step tutorial at conniekresin

Vibrant Colorful Fabric Basket Pattern Tutorial with Video

Colorful Fabric Basket Sewing Pattern

Get measurements and Pattern at treasurie

Handmade Denim Fabric Basket Sewing Pattern – Tutorial

Denim Fabric Basket Sewing Pattern

How to at threading my way

Cute Easter Fabric Gift Basket / Craft Storage Basket

View sewing tutorial

Colorful Patchwork Fabric Storage Basket

View tutorial

Zig Zag Stitch Fabric Scrap Bowl

View sewing tutorial

Sturdy Fabric Storage Basket

View sewing pattern

Make Fabric Bucket Basket from Scrap Fabric

View sewing pattern

Sew and Knot Quick Sturdy Fabric Bread Basket

View tutorial

1. Simple DIY fabric Basket with Handles:

This is a plain fabric bin project which is extremely easy to craft and probably the best fabric basket idea for the beginners in this field.


2. Cute Fabric Bin Set with Different Inner Layers:

Let’s make a set of two or three fabric baskets at once and keep your stuff organized serially along with grabbing a classy look for your room. Different inner layers would give these bins even catchier flaunt with a pro-like finishing.Source

3. Classic DIY Fabric Basket Bin in Hamper Pattern:


4. Trendy DIY Weaved Fabric Basket Project:

This type of weaved fabric basket prepares with classy net edges and suits best to gather sewing stuff more accurately.


5. Sturdy DIY Fabric Basket for Bike Front:


6. Wide DIY Fabric Basket with Divided Organizer Pattern:

Making a wide fabric basket with divided organizer actually helps us to keep things smartly separated in one single storing component.


7. Fabric-Made Fussy Foldover Basket Set:

This type of fold over basket pattern solve the space crisis smartly, as you can fold them up when they are unused and add some extra space in your room easily.Source

8. Super Chic Fabric Bin with Waterproofing Layer:

These types of fabric-made baskets are the best choice to keep your towels or bathing stuff orderly due to its waterproofing inner linen.


9. Creative Fabric Basket with Burlap Base:


10. Cotton-Made Rustic Basket with Thick Linen Inner:

Cotton-made fabric baskets or bins are easy to wash and the thick linen layer caters them a high durability with a trendy look.


11. Stylish Scrappy Fabric Basket Bin Tutorials:

Scrappy fabric pieces are more flexible and thus it is more effortless to get a basket shape out the fabric through a simple DIY process.


12. Plain and Easy DIY Fabric Basket Bin from Drop Cloth:


13. Classy DIY Fabric Storage Box:

This type of bins come with a square shape for the utmost times and prepare on a sturdy base inside the fabric surface to give us a perfect box feel despite using the fabric material as its base component. Source

14. DIY Round Bottom Storage Bucket with Patchworks:

This type of fabric boxes could make great storing bins for some picnic or family outing due to its trendy look along with a natural durability.


15. Beautiful Spring Form Basket with Printed Fabric:


16. DIY Durable Collapsible Storage Bins:


17. DIY Tray-Shaped Fabric Basket Set:


18. Simple Fabric Bin Pattern with Rope Handles:


19. Handle-Free Fabric Bin with Wide Storage:


20. Trendy DIY Fabric Basket with Cutout Handles:


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