DIY Garden Ideas: How to Make a Raised Bed Garden Planter Box

We have tried our hands in several DIY objects in craft field, now it’s time to testing our hand in some new fields and what would be more delightful than to starting this attempt with making a nice garden appliance? Among the entire garden equipment, raised bed garden planter box is probably the simplest one to craft with a DIY process! Take a look at its making procedure in a step by step method-

DIY Raised Bed Garden Wooden Planter Boxes

Supplies Needed for Planter Box:

To make this useful item, you need, some fresh or smooth wooden stalks, wood cutter, drill machine, screws, some 5 inches iron clumps or L- brackets, chicken net, a piece of tarpaulin and a stapler.

Want to grow tomatoes in these raised bed ? give it a try and also for growing asparagus.

DIY Raised Bed Box Instructions:

  • At first, size some pieces of wooden stalks or lumbers in the measurement of 2x12s, then; cut them in the dimension of in 2x6s and 2x4s size.
  • Now, make a rectangular box where two widths are smaller than two lengths. Attach these four pieces along with two thin stalks behind the box using 3.5 inches deck screws with each column.
  • Set those screws through by 2x6s and into the 2x12s lumbers, then jump to the next step.
  • Next step is to set those 2x4s lumbers over the box and attach them with some screws again through that drilling Make sure that you are leaving at least 2 inches gap in between those pieces for drainage.
  • Now, place your L-brackets on a shredded paper and give some color coating to those clumps, as it could provide a nice look to your planter box.
  • Then, set those brackets on the jointing edges of your box and assemble them with the 1.25 inches deck screws. Add two brackets on each side and check that your screws join to the base properly or not.
  • After that, turn the upside down of the box, take two equal pieces of chicken net and set them inside the box through the entire bottom.
  • Use the stapler to set these nets and then cover the bottom with the piece of tarpaulin or landscape fabric over the net set bottom, so then, your garden or backyard won’t get messy by the dirt of planter’s soil.
  • Now, it’s, all ready to use a raised garden bed or a wide planter box for any kind of garden plant.

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DIY How to make a Raised Bed Wooden planter Box

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