DIY Animal Crafts : #2 Animal Stick Craft and Animal Bookmarks

We show you how to make animal crafts with different sorts of materials in several ways in our few previous articles. We also demonstrate you how to make art craft with Popsicle sticks, in one of our previous articles. Today, we are going to enlighten you with another combo style, which is to make some adorable animal crafts with some unused Popsicle sticks! Let’s take a look at the simple making procedure below in a step by step method-

DIY Animal Craft Ideas

Supplies Needed This Craft:

To make this super easy art craft you need, some Popsicle sticks, color paints, paint brushes, some colorful pieces of felts and some glue.

DIY Animal Craft Instructions:

  • At the initial stage, color the Popsicle sticks with some desiring colors. We need two colorful stick and one in normal condition, so we color one with pale peach or pink shade, one with black & white cow prints and keep the rest one with the natural form of a Popsicle stick or you can paint it with natural white paint as well!
  • Now, take the pink one, attach one pink shaded small felt circle and stick it over the top segment of your stick like a mouth of a cow.
  • Then, take two white felt pieces and set them like two eyes of the cow by gluing them top of the mouth felt.
  • Add two tiny black eyeballs inside those eyes and emphasize both eyes with two eyebrows by a black marker.
  • After that, take two tiny triangular pieces of pink felts and glue them on the both sides of the stick such as two ears of a cow.
  • Then, take the white stick; make two eyes following the similar process along with two dark eyeballs.
  • Now, make a little circle with a yellow colored felt and take out the middle part of that circle, so then you can get a perfect lip shape for a hen. Stick it up under those eyes with some glue.
  • Then, take a little piece of red felt, design it as the chignon of a cock and glue it up on the top of the stick.
  • After that just highlight the eyes with some shady eyebrows by a marker.
  • Finally, take the last stick with the cow prints, craft two eyes as we did with the last two sticks.
  • Then, add a little circle of felt and glue it as the mouth of the cow.
  • After that take two tiny triangles of black felts and attach them such two ears of the cow stick and all your Popsicle stick turn animal crafts are ready to flaunt fabulously!

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