DIY Growing Garlic : How to Grow Garlic plant

Growing Garlic #3: Taking care of Garlic Plants?

  • Maintain a proper protecting system for your plants, when they all grown up accurately. Bigger plants are highly affected by the pests, worms, and other harmful insects that could prevent the growth of garlic plants massively!
  • Some of the pests and insects love to eat the leaves of these plants while a few damage the mulches by creating nests over those coverings. Your caring process should depend on the criterion of pests or diseases.
  • If your plants are suffering from the aphid’s kind of pests then you can kill them with your bare hands only trough rubbing the leaves where they make their nest.
  • Water flow can clear some unwanted worms from your garlic plants, just make sure that they are not damaging the leaves or roots of your plant, during the process.
  • Pests, worms, bacteria killer spray can work superbly in such matter as well, just be certain that spray couldn’t harm your plant or root from any aspect!
  • Garlic plants are going through a typical problem from the rats; who generally stay under the mulches of garlic plants and produce an unbearable smell to the crops. So, if you want to get rid of those disgusting creature, try to avoid mulch which, attracts them and use some mulch where rats never want to get in!

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