18 DIY Pipe Cleaner Crafts Ideas for Kids

Pipe Cleaner Lily Flower:

We have already shown you how to make a flower from the easy-to-access and colorful pipe cleaners. This time let us show you and your kids that how this simple object could turn into a wonderful lily flower with some merely plain steps! Let’s take a look-

Materials You Need:

Here you only need some pieces of vibrant pipe cleaners into three different shades, that’s it! We are using some pipe cleaners in the raspberry pink shade, a piece of green color pipe cleaner, and one piece of yellow colored pipe cleaner.

How to Craft: 

  • Firstly, bend one raspberry pink colored pipe cleaner, fold it from the middle and cut it out into two equal pieces.
  • Then, cut three raspberry pink colored pipe cleaners in a similar way and then you will get six equal pieces of such pipe cleaners.
  • Fold each piece from the middle and set aside for the next step of your crafting.
  • In the very next step, assemble all the pieces together, bring the yellow pipe cleaner piece, and fold the head of that bunch with this piece.
  • Keep coiling the folded head of the bunch until you finish up the remaining yellow pipe cleaner in your hand.
  • Now, turn back the folded pink colored portions in a reverse way and widen up the fold of each part.
  • When you have made all the petals this way, take one of the remaining pink colored pipe cleaners, insert it through on a loop of the petals and wrap it around.
  • Keep wrapping the entire loop until your cover the whole petal and then, secure the end part at the backside of your flower.
  • Cover each petal like this way and you’re when you are done, you pipe cleaner-made lily is all ready to display in your flower vase!
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