18 DIY Pipe Cleaner Crafts Ideas for Kids

Pipe cleaners are the simplest items around us that kids love to use to make their favorite crafts. We naturally love these things because of their variety of colors, amazing flexibility, and true inexpensiveness. The vibrant pipe cleaners have versatility, which makes these things so popular among the millions of crafter or art-lovers! Though you can make several intricate crafts from these pipe cleaners, but this time, we will show you some simple projects which your kids could craft in some effortless steps. So let’s discover the easiest way to turn some neon pipe cleaners into your kids’ desirable crafts by their own hands! Check them out-

Pipe Cleaner Flower:

Create a mesmerizing garden view with numerous colorful flowers which are made of a range of pipe cleaners! You know the best part of using pipe cleaners is that your flowers will never be dry or dead, they never claim any extra elements to be fresh and the most exciting segment is, these flowers will never get infected or damaged from any kinds of other objects! Hence, won’t that be great if you could adorn your vase with such flowers which are made by your own kids? Check out these super easy steps on how to turn some colorful pipe cleaners into some wonderful faux flowers-

Materials You Need:

To make these types of flowers, you will need only some pipe cleaners in different shades and a cutting tool along with some other tools which could be used to press or bend the pipe cleaners.

How to Craft:

  • At first, take three pieces of pipe cleaners with different colors, here we are taking one green, one yellow, and two blue colored pipe cleaners.
  • Take one blue colored pipe cleaner, bend it from the middle and cut it out.
  • Then, fold those pieces from the middle again and cut them out. This way you will cut one pipe cleaner into fourths.
  • After that, take the rest blue color pipe cleaner, take the measurement of one of those fourths and cut one piece out from this second blue colored pipe cleaner.
  • Finally, you have 5 equal pieces of blue colored pipe cleaners in your hand, set them aside and go for the next cut.
  • Now, take the green colored pipe cleaner and cut it down from the middle to get two equal parts from it.
  • After that, take the yellow one and measures it with one single piece of blue colored pipe cleaner. Then, cut that piece out and give it a little longer shape than the blue one.
  • Take one of the green pieces along with that yellow pieces and merge them up by pressing the end loops of both pieces jointly.
  • Press the joint a little with a tool and assemble all the blue piece with the yellow one.
  • Now, hold all the pipe cleaner pieces jointly and use the rest green pipe cleaner piece to bind them together. For binding them, hold those pieces with one hand and start wrapping them with another hand around those pieces using that remaining green colored pipe cleaner piece.
  • Once your wrapping if finished, insert the end loop into one wrap and open up each pipe cleaner piece from that bundle.
  • Bring a bending tool for your pipe cleaner pieces, hold the yellow piece and start folding it in round shape from the outside towards the joint. This way, you will make the centre of your flower in yellow shade.
  • Now, bend all of those blue pipe cleaner pieces similarly but, just turn your moves towards the stem of your bundle that you have made of the green pipe cleaner. This way, you will get the petals of your pipe cleaner flower.
  • Once you fold entire pieces like this way, your pipe cleaner flower is all ready to flaunt in your flower vase.

Make several flowers in this manner of course with different shades and instigate the artistry of your kids by these fancy home adorning elements.

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