18 DIY Pipe Cleaner Crafts Ideas for Kids

Pipe Cleaner Animals:

Crafting animals using some pipe cleaners in one of the frequent activity of kids as these objects are too adaptable that easily turn into any shape, and kids don’t need too many components as well to make an animal from them! Thus, making DIY animals out of some pipe cleaners, always bring fun to our kids. Today, let us show you how to craft a super cute teddy bear from these pipe cleaners in some simple steps! Check this out-

Materials You Need:

To this type of craft, you will need some brown colored pipe cleaners, two artificial eye parts, one nose part, one ruler, and crafting glue.

How to Craft: 

  • Firstly, bring all the needed supplies together and take the out of the packet. Now, hold 2 pieces of pipe cleaners, and tidy up the loose end of those pieces.
  • Then, take an apparent measurement of 5cm on the end side of one pipe cleaner bend to the right.
  • After that, take a measurement of approximately 3cm after the first measurement and bend that part too, to the left on itself!
  • Coil it twice under it to make the muzzle of your teddy bear and use the behind end part as the neck of your bear.
  • Now, slide the entire long side of the pipe cleaner through the muzzle and leave a little portion here from inserting to create the left ear of your bear.
  • Repeat the sliding process from the other side as well to make the right ear and adjust the size accordingly.
  • Now, bring the end part to the front in between the ears to the back of the neck part and back again passing over the head.
  • Then, slide the rest section to the part above the neck and enter through the 2 parts on the front side of your bear head.
  • Turn the back side on, of your bear head and slide the loop through the 2 vertical parts on this side.
  • Now, down the loop near the neck, turn the front side on and pull out the muzzle portion a little.
  • After that, wrap the pipe cleaner around the muzzle in clockwise and wrap that portion around the neck as well.
  • Make sure that the pipe cleaner does not slide out from below and tighten up the whole thing once.
  • After that, hold the end loop of that pipe cleaner with your fingers and tidy up the portion a little.
  • Repeat this process with the second pipe cleaner and join these both pieces together by twisting them around each other.
  • Make a loop create the right arm take an approximate measurement of 6cm of your ring.
  • Twist the loops at the base and repeat this same process for the left hand as well.
  • Make two legs with the same process and make certain that the leg loop could have an approximate measurement of 8 cm on each side.
  • Don’t forget to twist those hand and leg loops at the base to secure those parts at the end of your course!
  • Now, coil the rest pipe cleaner once around the neck, then, bring it down to the armpit and coil it around the body 3 times.
  • After that, hold the remaining pipe cleaner part and bring it up around the neck.
  • Then, turn the back side on and slide the end part up through one wrapping above the neck.
  • After that, bring it back down again, go to the back, slide up the portion up through the neck area and pull everything a little before bending the pipe cleaner a bit toward the ground.
  • Now, slide the part through the 2 vertical parts of back then, slide it down through the neck area again and enter through the vertical part again.
  • Curl the end pipe cleaner portion a little to make the tail and bend the hands & legs slightly to give it a perfect shape of a teddy Here you need to bend both leg portions towards the upside to make the feet of your bear.
  • Finally, glue on eyes along with nose and finish your crafting in a wonderful successive way!
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