9 Enchanting DIY Lip Glosses for Your Lips

Winter finally has come, and the worry about our dry skin has come along with it as well! Not only the skin, during this season, all your body parts need ultra care and attention to be in normal condition, whether it is our hair, foot or lips. Even lips claim more attention during winter, as the freezing atmosphere of winter steals all the glow and softness from our lips. Home remedies or some medical treatment couldn’t return all the shine of our lip but, a perfect lip gloss could do so in an effortless way! Not only in winter, but these lip-glosses work efficiently as the fuel of our ravenous lips throughout the whole year. Thus, today we are showing you how you can prepare 9 tremendously effective lip glosses in DIY process with some basic domestic products! Let’s check them out-

DIY Lip gloss

1.Lip Gloss With Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil works stupendously for the nourishment of your skin cells, thus if you are trying to control the dryness of your lips then, this coconut oil lip gloss is the best product for you. Let’s check out the making procedure below-

Supplies You Need:

To prepare this lip gloss, you will need empty containers, Vaseline, a plastic spoon, coconut oil, and a large mixing bowl along with lipstick.

How to Prepare:

  • Firstly pour in some coconut oil in the mixing bowl and add the same amount of Vaseline in the bowl.
  • Then, place the bowl in your microwave oven for at least 45 seconds in medium heat.
  • After that, take out the bowl and stir that mixture up to combine both the ingredients smoothly.
  • Now, add some pieces from your lipstick and you can choose and kind of shade you want!
  • Then, heat that bowl again in your microwave oven for another 30 seconds.
  • After removing the bowl from the oven, mix up the whole thing one more time with your spoon to merge the inside materials finely.
  • Finally, pour the entire mixture into a Pyrex container and then, smoothly pour the lip gloss in your empty container.
  • Set the lid on your container, put it in your freezer, and after one hour, you will get the desired consistency of a perfect lip gloss!

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2. Tinted and Liquid Lip Gloss:

These days, several contemporary girls prefer liquid or tinted items for their lips, whether it is a lip color or lip gloss. Thus, here we have emerged with a tinted and liquid lip gloss preparation for your lips, take a look-

Supplies You Need:

Here you will need a big spoon, some pieces from your lip moisturizer, a bit of eyeshadow of your desired color, some castor oil, and a toothpick along with an empty container.

How to Prepare:

  • At first, take some lip moisturizer in the spoon, and add a teaspoon of eye shadow powder in any color.
  • Then, pour in some castor oil into the spoon and mix them well with the help of a toothpick.
  • Mix all the ingredients very well, until the powder is completely absorbed by the castor oil.
  • Now, hold the spoon over a burning candle and let all the ingredients meltdown or merge smoothly.
  • Then, remove the spoon over the candle pour in the mixture in an empty lip gloss container.
  • After letting it cool for 30 minutes, try the tinted and liquid lip color on your lips with a thin brush.

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3. Lip Gloss With Vaseline:

A lip gloss that contains the Vaseline element in it, works more effectively on dull or dry lips than the other equivalents. Hence, let’s check out a lip gloss preparation where this object is used as the base ingredient of the whole preparation.

Supplies You Need:

To make this type of lip gloss, you will need lipsticks, coconut oil, Vaseline, a toothpick, a big container that you can place over gas oven, some empty glasses, and some blank lip gloss containers.

How to Prepare:

  • At the initial stage, take some water in a big container, place it in your gas oven and put some empty glasses inside it.
  • Now, add one spoon of coconut oil to each glass and add the same amount of Vaseline in every single glass.
  • When the inside ingredients start melting, add some lipstick with the toothpick into the glass over the top. We are using different colored lipstick for each glass.
  • Then, stir the whole thing a little of every single glass with your toothpick to combine them more smoothly.
  • When you find, all the elements are merged properly, and the water of that container start boiling, turn the heat off.
  • Now, remove each glass out of the container and pour in the different liquid in the different
  • Set the lid on each container and let them solidify properly before using for a daily lip care element.

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4. Starbucks Lip Gloss:

Starbuck lip gloss is another kind we should mention here which is basically a sweet coffee lip balm that works for the nourishment of our dry and unmanageable lips. Let’s check out the making procedure below-

Supplies You Need:

For the adornment:

To prepare such lip gloss, you will need a Starbucks cup, cardstock paper, plastic shot glass, bead container, scissor, glue, got a glue gun, got glue stick, 1M icing tip, white polymer clay, and light brown fabric paint.

For lip gloss:

2 tbsp Shea butter, 1 tbsp coconut oil, 5 drops vitamin E oil, 3 drops of cinnamon essential oil, and 3 drops of clove essential oil along with a mixing bowl and a spoon.

How to Prepare:

  • At the primary stage, prepare the coffee cup using the plastic shot glass, cardstock paper, and glue as we are showing in the video.
  • Now, highlight the cup with Starbuck level and a proper borderline.
  • Then, roll up a piece of paper and drop it into the glass to make the lip gloss container a little bit taller.
  • After that, attach the empty lip gloss container over the rolled paper with the help of some hot glue.
  • Then, fill the edges of the container that are still empty with hot glue and let it dry properly before jumping to the next step.
  • When the glue layer is all dried out, use the fabric paint to color up the edges with a perfect coffee-brown
  • Now, push through some white polymer clay inside the 1M start shape icing tip to make a narrow yet stretchy line of the clay.
  • Then, take the lip gloss lid, put the end of that white clay layer over the lid and wrap it like a circular motion to give it a nice creamy glance. Twist the top a little to give your adornment a little perfection!
  • Once you finished up, take it out of the lid and bake it on a baking sheet about 20 minutes at 275 ̊ F.
  • After the baking process, take out the clay thing and set it on the lid again but this time apply a little bit of glue on it to stick this thing permanently.
  • Now it’s time to prepare the lip gloss and for that, take coconut oil and Shea butter into the bowl. Mentionable here that you can alter the Shea butter with petroleum jelly if you want!
  • Then add all the essential oils along with the vitamin E oil into the bowl and set the bowl in your microwave oven for one minute.
  • After taking the bowl out, you will see all the ingredients may be melted down in the bowl.
  • Use a little dropper to pour in the liquid inside the empty lip gloss jar which you have already attached to the Starbuck cup.
  • When the liquid thing will cool down and solidify, your DIY lip gloss is all ready to use on your natural lips!

5. Kool-Aid Lip Stain:

Kool-aid is a brand of flavored drinking mix that comes in variously tempted colors. This time, we will use these products to make a healthy and vibrant lip gloss in DIY process. Let’s check it out-

Supplies You Need:

To make this Kool-aid lip balm, you will need Vaseline, Kool-aid powder, a spoon, a heat-safe bowl, and a container.

How to Prepare:

  • At first, add half a teaspoon of Vaseline in your bowl and set the bowl in your microwave oven for 1 minute.
  • After that, add half a packet of your favorite Kool-aid powder inside it.
  • Then add 2 teaspoons of water, of course, mineral water into your bowl.
  • Then, stir all the ingredients together using your spoon and pour into your empty container.
  • It’s all ready to use on your lips, apply this with a soft paint brush and enjoy the tempted shade of your favorite Kool-aid powder on your lips!

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6. Clear lip gloss:

Clear lip gloss is new in a trend which is basically very easy to prepare at your home! The best part of using such lip gloss is that you can apply this lip cosmetic on empty lips as well as on top of the colored lips. Lets’ check out the making procedure below-

Supplies You Need:

To this type of clear lip gloss, you will need 1 tbsp of petroleum jelly, lipstick, an empty container, and a toothpick along with a microwave safe bowl.

How to Prepare:

  • At first, take the petroleum jelly in the bowl and break off some lipstick into the bowl.
  • Now, set the bowl in your microwave bowl and heat up for 1 minute.
  • After removing the bowl, mix the whole liquid thing with a toothpick to combine them smoothly and pour it in your empty lip gloss jar.
  • After cooling it down, enjoy the shiny and gorgeous glow on your lips with the help of this clear lip gloss.
  • As we are preparing clear lip gloss here, thus, we will recommend you to use as less lipstick portion as you can, to keep the product utterly clear!

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7. Natural Lip Gloss:

Making natural lips gloss by DIY process is truly effortless for any of us, as this type of product requires very few materials along with a short period of time to be prepared! Hence, let’s take a look at the making process now-

Supplies You Need:

To such moisturizing lip gloss, you will need coconut oil, almond oil, honey, some beeswax or candle, an empty container, a microwave safe bowl, and a spoon.

How to Prepare:

  • At first, take 1 tbsp of coconut oil in your microwave safe bowl along with 1 tbsp of almond oil.
  • Now, grate the beeswax into the bowl with the help of a grater and add at least 1½ tbsp grated beeswax or candle inside it.
  • Then, put the bowl in your microwave oven for 1 minute or until all the ingredients melt down completely!
  • When the product has melted down into a nice liquid form, add 1½ tbsp of honey into it.
  • Stir all the ingredients well with a toothpick and pour it into your empty container.
  • After filling the container, open up the lids until the product gets harden or cool down.
  • Once the thing is all cool down and solidify, your set up the lid and your lip gloss is all ready to apply!

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8.Lip Gloss Without Beeswax:

preparing materials. Also, the lip glosses with beeswax seem a less glossy than beeswax-less lip glosses! Thus, here we are showing you how you can make a highly moisturized lip gloss without adding beeswax in it! Take a look-

Supplies You Need:

To make this kind of lip gloss, you will need petroleum jelly, eyeshadow powder, non-toxic glitter, a microwave safe bowl, an empty container, and a toothpick.

How to Prepare:

  • Firstly, put a spoonful of petroleum jelly in a microwave safe bowl and let it heat up until dissolves completely.
  • Then, take out the bowl and add a bit of preferred eyeshadow powder into it.
  • After that, add a bit of glitter and merge them well with a toothpick.
  • Pour the mixture into an empty lip balm container and put it in your freezer for half an hour.
  • When the product is solidified properly, use on your lips with a small brush.


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9.Plumping Lip Gloss:

Plumping lip gloss or lip plumper stimulates the blood flow or the water flow to your lips. So it is superfluous to say that, this kind of lip balm work for healthy, soft and rosy lips in a natural way! Let’s check out the preparing methods below-

Supplies You Need:

To make this type of lip gloss, you are going to need, some cinnamon powder, cayenne pepper, Vaseline or Shea butter or some amount of your natural lip balm, a heat-safe bowl, one pot, and a spoon or toothpick along with a blank lip gloss container.

How to Prepare:

  • At first, take some water from the pot and set it on your gas oven at low to medium heat.
  • Then add the bowl to the pot, and add the lip balm thing or Vaseline or Shea butter into the bowl.
  • Now, add ½ teaspoon of cinnamon powder into the bowl along with ½ teaspoon of cayenne.
  • Mix all the ingredients together with a toothpick as soon as the basic object starts melting because of the heat!
  • Then, pour in the mixture in your empty container and refrigerate it until the whole thing is solidified properly.
  • You can add a bit of raw honey to your mixture to make it even more effective for your lips’ health!
  • Here you can replace the cinnamon powder with cinnamon oil or some peppermint oil for the same result!

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Lip Gloss:

Pros and cons of lip gloss:

Like any other items, lip gloss also has its own pros and cons which directly effect on our lips because of their usage as a lip cosmetic! Let’s find out the true pros and cons of this product, before applying any of the abovementioned DIY lip glosses on your lips, check this out-


  • The lip gloss comes with an ultra shine that provides a lavish, luring and tempting effect on our lips.
  • If you want to add a glow to your lips without adding color the, lip gloss is the best pick for that!
  • A stroke of lip gloss on your lips gives a layer of polish which helps you to grab a well-groomed look naturally.
  • Sometimes, our lips need a little moisturizing care or food or fuel to glow healthy and a lip gloss does that job in a casual or natural manner.
  • If you want to give your lips a daily and instant care then, applying lip gloss is the best way for you, instead of using some home remedies or medicated cream on your lips!
  • It protects your lips from dryness and dullness in a truly effortless way.


  • One of the commonest drawback parts of a lip gloss is that its awkward texture and super glossy appearance.
  • Lip glosses are extremely sticky and they give you real trouble in the summer season for this quality, especially during the sweaty circumstance!
  • Lip gloss is not a self-sufficient lip cosmetic and you have to wear it with lipstick, particularly, when you are going to any gorgeous or glamorous event!
  • One more mentionable con of using lip gloss especially the tinted one is that they seem weird on full lips! The extra stickiness and glossiness are probably the main negative aspects of such matters.

How to apply lip gloss:

  • To apply lip gloss on your lips, complete all the makeup on your face.
  • Then, emphasize the lips with a lip pencil to bring out your lips in your desired shape.
  • Now tempt the lips up with some matching lipstick and then apply the lip gloss as the top layer of your lip makeup.
  • If you are using lip gloss for a natural care or daily concern, then put on directly on your lip with a finger or a soft lip brush.

Lip Gloss FAQ:

Is Lip Gloss safe for our lips?

Many health or skin-conscious girls frequently keep asking whether applying lip gloss on our lips is safe or not? Well, here we should clarify that, applying lip glosses, especially such homemade products are absolutely safe to use for healthy, rosy, soft and juicy lips!

For market-based readymade lip glosses, we should advise you to apply only after a proper testing on your hand skin. Here checking out the using methods on the ingredient info would be very helpful to decide, whether a lip gloss suits to your lips’ condition or not!

Lipstick vs. Lip Gloss:

The combat between using lipstick or lip gloss has been undergoing since centuries and the battle is still on! It is difficult in one word to decide whether one lady should apply lipstick/lip gloss on her lips or apply both of them accordingly the occasion! Though both of the products are considered as the lip cosmetic, yet there are a few differences in between themselves. Let’s discover some basic points on this Lipstick vs. lip gloss matter in a progressive way-

  • Lipstick is more tempted than lip gloss because of its deep pigmented shades. While the lip gloss has a sheer shade that only gets alluring with a perfect amalgamation of lipstick!
  • The lip gloss comes with a natural glow or polish stroke, when, a lipstick couldn’t get that glow without a touch of lip gloss.
  • Lipstick could wear for outdoor purposes while lip gloss could apply at any time or for any purpose!
  • Lip gloss has a sticky quality that gives us a bit of trouble on some circumstance, but lipstick, particularly the modern lipsticks come with a true non-sticky form!
  • Lip gloss takes more care of your lips than lipstick, and it even moisturizes the cells further naturally than any lipstick or lip color.
  • Lip gloss is lagged a bit from lipstick in durability, as lipstick could stay on your lips for an extended period, while; you need to keep adding the gloss frequently on your lips to hold the glow!

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