DIY Chalkboard and Cork Board Room Decor

DIY Chalkboard Decor:

Do you know that these chalkboards could use as a great embellishing component for your interior with just a few simple designs? People spend a lot of money to décor their house interior in a lavish way, but they didn’t know that how these simple charcoal shaded chalkboards could fulfill their decorating aspirations(1) in a spectacular way! Whether it is a normal house decoration or party adornment, these chalkboards are hugely functional to craft several mesmerizing décor items for your room. Video via awesomeness. Let’s take a look at this simple making method once-

Supplies Needed:

To this type of chalkboard décor, you will require a cutting board, a poster board, a picture frame, a painter’s tape, sponge brushes, plate, rope, cork, newspaper, glue, scissor, sharpie, and x-acto knife along with a ruler.


  • Firstly, cut out the poster board to fit your frame and to do so, draw some lines right around the edges of the poster board using the sharpie.
  • Then, simply cut it out with the x-acto knife in a traced square shape and set it aside to use at the right time.
  • Now, put the poster on some newspaper and paint it out with the chalkboard paint.
  • To paint the page with a few twists, stick some painter’s tape randomly onto the poster and then paint with different types of paint coat on different sections.
  • You can keep one thin side of the poster unpainted to fill it up with various chalkboard paints for a classic pattern!
  • Now, paint one stripe with darker gray chalk paint and the below one with the lighter one. This way you will get a chic chalkboard design in two different yet traditional chalkboard colors at the end of your course.
  • When the paint is dried out properly, take off the tape and place the cork piece one side of the poster.
  • Then, emphasize the joint line or the edge of the cork with the rope. You can use a nice piece of paint tape as well instead of rope.
  • Leave a little bit of the border on the outside of the cork just to fit it into the frame perfectly.
  • When all the things are placed flawlessly, put it in the frame and secure it with some glue.
  • For fitting in, take out the back pit, remove the glass, put the poster into the frame placing the backside on and then just lock in the backside in place again.
  • When you turn it around, you will get a chalkboard and corkboard in one receptacle.
  • Use this super modish chalkboard décor to maintain your daily deeds, like write down some days or dates on the chalkboard side and pin up some to-do list on the cork side.
  • So this way, you can enjoy the goodness of a chalkboard as a room décor as well as a daily organizer with some truly effortless steps!

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