18 DIY Pipe Cleaner Crafts Ideas for Kids

DIY Pipe Cleaner Animals – Turtle:

Turtle is another common animal that is often made of pipe cleaner, especially for a kid’s project! Crafting turtle from pipe cleaners is actually easy than some other animals that we often made of the object. Let’s check out the appropriate procedure of crafting this animal in some simple methods-

Materials You Need:

Here you will need some pipe cleaners in two different shades, some cutting and pressing tools of pipe cleaners and two small artificial eyes from any craft store.

How to Craft: 

  • Initially, take one colored pipe cleaner in your hand, bend it from the middle and cut them out into equal pieces. Here we are using a yellow colored pipe cleaner for the first attempt.
  • Now, make a perfect cross shape from those two yellow pipe cleaner parts and place the one another colored pipe cleaner (here we are using green colored pipe cleaner) in the middle of that cross.
  • Then, flip the green colored pipe cleaner once around the cross and press the wrapping down once with a cutting tool.
  • Now add one another colored pipe cleaner (here we are using dark green colored pipe cleaner) on the base of the first green colored pipe cleaner.
  • Hold the dark green colored pipe cleaner and coil it around the each piece of other pipe cleaners.
  • Keep coiling that pipe cleaner until you meet the end of it and keep bending the whole thing down to give it a look like basketry.
  • Press the end portion tightly and take another pipe cleaner in the same shade to keep the basketry on until you reach the almost end of each yellow pipe cleaner pieces!
  • Don’t forget to secure the end portion of each pipe cleaner, every time you finish up the coiling around the5 pieces of pipe cleaners.
  • However, you can stop your basketry anytime you want and cut the excessive yellow pipe cleaners to get a proper shape of hands and legs!
  • Here we are folding the rest yellow pieces into half; flip over the fold once and then cutting it out.
  • Now, hold the light green colored pipe cleaner, fold it in a similar way and coil it around the folding portion until you reach the end of the pipe cleaner.
  • Now all you need is just attach those artificial eyes on the head and your super easy pipe cleaner turtle is all ready to play with!
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