18 DIY Pipe Cleaner Crafts Ideas for Kids

Pipe Cleaner Ring Crafts:

You can make more than millions of items from these pipe cleaners, and thousands of them could be crafted by any kids or toddlers because of the crafting simplicity. Let’s check out one of the easy projects of pipe cleaners, which is a ring in a flower shape and the best part is that your kids could craft anytime at home! Take a look-

Materials You Need:

Here also you only need some full and half pipe cleaners with various vibrant shades. For the flower ring, you will need three orange colored pipe cleaners for the petals, a half of one yellow colored pipe cleaner for the center, and one green colored pipe cleaner for the leaves.

How to Craft: 

  • Firstly, take the orange colored pipe cleaners, twist them together, wrap it around your desirable finger and do a couple of twist by both sides.
  • Now take out the thing out of your finger and spread out the different petals individually.
  • Now, hold the end portion of one piece, bend it into a little turn like a hook and just keep rolling up towards the centre.
  • When all over the petals done this way, take the yellow piece of the pipe cleaner, go up through onto the sides and pull it up.
  • When you have both yellow parts at the centre, twist them up tightly, make a little hook and roll it up in a circle until you get to the base.
  • Finally take the green pipe cleaner, twist it around the backside of the flower and turn both parts into two green leaves.
  • To do so, bend the end portion a little, roll it up in a circle, and then pinch a little to give the rolled thing a perfect shape of a leaf.
  • After crafting both leaves this way, wear the ring on your finger and flaunt like a trendy fashionista!
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