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#70 DIY Planter Box Ideas: Modern concrete, Hanging, Pot & Wall Planters

DIY Planter Box Ideas and Plans People used to look for a designed planter box when they intend to bring some decorative plants in their houses. We have already shown you how some recycled planter boxes could mesmerize the view of your balcony or garden in a natural way, in […]

DIY planter box plans and ideas

DIY Garden Ideas: Garden Arch and Bench Ideas for an Organized Backyard

Garden is that place where we can spend several of hours if we can get a chance, isn’t it? The atmosphere of that place eternally rejuvenates our body and mind with its refreshing air, captivating view and heavenly beauty! This place could embellish more brilliantly if the place decorates with […]

Some Simple Ideas on How to Craft DIY Planter Boxes

A planter box is a kind of container that holds live plants or flowers or herbs in its torso, which is basically placed at outdoors to escalate the beauty of the whole backyard view. You can also use these boxes for other edible plants or vegetables, apart from the herbs […]