DIY planter box plans and ideas

#70 DIY Planter Box Ideas: Modern concrete, Hanging, Pot & Wall Planters

DIY Hanging planters

Make you own hanging planters

diy-hanging-planter-pots-1beautiful planters

DIY Hanging planter ideas:

If you have a small balcony garden or tiny indoor garden area in your house, and looking for a suitable planter that only clutches your plant but at the same time increase the beauty of your room then, try out some unequally designed hanging planter in your indoor garden area.

Honeycomb golden planter, ice-cream cone planter, hoop fixed planter, leather brass planter, shimmer rope planter, glass jar planter, mason jar planter, metal mesh planter, plastic fishbowl planter, tire made flower-shaped planter, nylon rope planter, basket planter, window side knotted planter, etc. are some typical prototypes of DIY planter which all look great as a hanging planter position. You just need to secure that the hanging element is strong enough to hold your planter and your attempt wouldn’t end up with an unsuccessful planter experiment at the conclusion of your course!

DIY mason jar hanging planters

diy-hanging-planter-pots-2small space planters

DIY metal bowls hanging planters for greenish indoors

diy-hanging-planter-pots-3metal bowls

DIY Window side knotted hanging planters


knotted hanging pots

Indoor DIY plywood hanging with pot planters

diy-hanging-planter-pots-5plywood hangers

DIY hanging planters How to colorful macrame hangings

diy-hanging-planter-pots-6macrame hanging

DIY Outdoor balcony hanging planter


Get creative Hanging planters made with twigs


Try it yourself macrame hanging plant cups from indoor

knotting strings for hanging cups

Your own indoor hanging garden with these colorful hanging planters
diy-hanging-planter-pots-10beautiful hanging plants

How to make a hanging planter with wood slice

diy-hanging-planter-pots-11wood slice hanging plant

How to sew burlap for hanging planters

diy-hanging-planter-pots-12sew burlap

Hanging planter ideas for indoors and outdoors

diy-hanging-planter-pots-13swinging planters

DIY hanging planter

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