DIY planter box plans and ideas

#70 DIY Planter Box Ideas: Modern concrete, Hanging, Pot & Wall Planters

DIY Modern and concrete planters

DIY Painted concrete cement planters

diy-modern-and-concrete-planters-11gold leaf pots

DIY Modern Concrete planter ideas:

If you are looking for an easy yet long-lasting result for your DIY planter project then bring the concrete element in your planning and see how swiftly you can craft a planter for your house! There is no need for thinking that concrete restricted the creativity of your new, new planter ideas. As the modern concrete planters have shown us, how we can apply fresh and innovative patterns with this only one object and demonstrate the world the decorative side of us!

Painted concrete planter, succulent concrete planter, concrete container planter, wooden box-shaped concrete planter, contemporary indoor concrete planter, artistic concrete planter, etc. are some mentionable patterns in this matter. Only harden the planter properly before using, if you are going to craft it off concrete.

DIY Concrete planters for succulents

diy-modern-and-concrete-planters-1cement planter

You can make your own concrete planter boxes

diy-modern-and-concrete-planters-2own planters

How to make your concrete garden containers – outdoor planters

diy-modern-and-concrete-planters-3garden containers

DIY Amazing landscapes with homemade concrete planters


DIY Tutorial for making concrete planters – succulent cement pots


concrete pots

DIY Concrete planters with molds made from recycled materials

diy-modern-and-concrete-planters-6cute planters

Artistic concrete planters made at home

diy-modern-and-concrete-planters-7concrete pots

Modern indoor style concrete planters

diy-modern-and-concrete-planters-8indoor cement pots

Easy Diy Concrete planter boxes – step by step ideas


One more Beautiful Concrete planter box


DIY modern concrete planter box ideas

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