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#70 DIY Planter Box Ideas: Modern concrete, Hanging, Pot & Wall Planters

DIY planter pots

 DIY Hello kitty pot planter


hello kitty planter

Pot Planter Ideas

When you are crafting a pot planter for your fancy plants, then why don’t you apply something unique style in pots to make the creation more interesting? How about making a pot in the shape of a famous animated character like minions, or Disney cartoon! Let check out the picture above, where your planter gets inspired by the Hello Kitty character and came up with a wonderful outcome of the contemporary planter.

To craft such thing, take an empty soda bottle, cut it out from the middle, take the bottom part of it, and don’t forget to leave two cones at the top edges of the ears of a kitty along with a tail shape cone at the back. Now, all you need is just paint the pot thoroughly and mark the facial gestures on that side where you have left two ears of kitty. This type of pot works greatly as a herb planter.

You can utilize small terracotta pots for the similar purposes as well in different designs like fruit prints; clay made exotic pots, giant sized teacup soccer, Lego pot planter, etc.

DIY colorful Terracotta planter


Block terracotta pot

Painter pots DIY Planters

pineapple planter


How to make a pot planter at home


via pot planters 3

DIY Small pot planters


via pot planter 4

DIY Exotic pot planters


DIY Minions pot planters

minions pot planter

Recycled teacups as pot planters


DIY Positive attitude pot planters


Pot planters with words

Creative Pot planters


DIY Lego pot planters


DIY Pot Planter Box Ideas

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