DIY planter box plans and ideas

#70 DIY Planter Box Ideas: Modern concrete, Hanging, Pot & Wall Planters

DIY Planter Boxes:

Planter boxes resemble great in the garden, veranda or open areas, and so if you are going to decorate your veranda or a small backyard area then, craft a beautiful planter box with planks of wood. All you need to gather is some planks of wood, bolts, one screwdriver and a perfect place to make the box.

Planter boxes work efficiently when you use them for vegetable gardening. Simple wooden pallet boxes, waist high boxes, raised planter boxes, cedar planter boxes, start planter boxes, etc. are some common patterns of planter box which are easy to craft and efficient as a planter component.

If you don’t have any similar box around your house then, make a simple wooden planter with some easy steps! You just need some pieces of wooden board, a few pieces of lumber, screws, bolts, screwdriver, and some glue along with a drill machine. At first, cut out 4 uprights of wooden pieces with 430mm×45mm×45mm and 4 horizontal rails of lumber pieces with the size of 290mm×45mm×45mm. Attach the pieces properly with glue first and then, set them up with screw and bolts with the help of that drilling machine. Give the box a square shape to make it easier to craft and then use as a planter when all the part dried out entirely.

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DIY planter box ideas

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