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#33 DIY Shrek Costume & Birthday Party ideas and Shrek Coloring pages

Shrek is a Disney Franchise fairytale which is based on a character of an ogre, who has an unusual green shade along with the weird features! This story has become hugely popular since its very first release in the year 2001, and thus, come up with 3 more parts with […]

DIY Farm Crafts and Activities with #33 Farm Coloring Pages

Farm elements and animals eternally inspire kids to make some farm crafting objects on their own capabilities. Far animal specifically indicates some particular barn animals like cows, hens, pigs, horses, lambs, chicks, ducks, donkeys, goats, turkeys, etc. When we think of some other farm crafts it is definitely the crops, […]

#20 Shopkins Party Craft Ideas and Shopkins Coloring Pages

Shopkins Ideas: Shopkins Party Ideas and Printable Coloring pages Shopkins is a plaything or toy manufactured based on the grocery toys, where every single plastic figure has facial features like human along with a unique name! These toys have also generated a line of books and trading cards because of […]

#80 DIY Animal Crafts: Halloween Animal Costumes, Mask and Stuffed Toys

Halloween may be specified event for children but, these days; adults also get pleasure from this unique occasion, which they generally celebrate as an entertaining costume festival. Though, earlier it was only commemorated for collecting candies with a weird set of clothes, but, eventually, fashion had touched this carnival with […]

Some Spellbinding and Mesmerizing Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas

Mermaid is a mythological creature that has a woman’s head and torso along with a tail as a big fish, as we all know. This fantasy creature and their underwater world are hugely admired among the kids because of some popular animated tales that are made over these fantasy mortals. […]

Some Wonderful Ideas for Hello Kitty Birthday Party and Coloring pages Activities

Hello Kitty is a fictional renowned cartoon personality which is mostly admired by the little girls or toddlers. This little kitty has an adorable face that makes her so popular among the kids from all over the world. Hello, kitty toys, sculptures, printed garments or drawings are hugely available in […]

#60 Tinkerbell Birthday Party Cakes and Decor & Tinkerbell Coloring Pages

Tinkerbell Birthday party & coloring pages: Tinker Bell is a little fairy from the imaginary fairy world in a Disney franchise enchanted tale. According to the story, this little fairy is newly born in Neverland, the country of fairies, and up to find her talent among the fairies of Pixie […]

Tinkerbell Birtday party ideas and coloring pages

42 Lovely things on Arabian Hero Aladdin – Aladdin Party ideas and coloring pages

The famous Disney character Aladdin and his unbelievable adventures eternally fascinate us towards an imaginary world! The exclusive story of how one roadside boy has become the Sultan of Agrabah is the main attraction of these adventures. The best exceptional part of this Disney cartoon is that Aladdin is only […]

Mystifying Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas for Dino Lovers

Despite the fact that dinosaurs have totally extinct from this world, we are still fascinated with these gigantic creatures in our wild imaginations, and some hugely popular films or animated series depending on this wild mammoth are probably the apparent consequences of that fascination! If your kids are one of […]