16 DIY Outdoor Fire pit Ideas

Building an Easy Firepit:

It is so obvious that concrete fire pit is a danger-free element for having the warmth from an outdoor fireplace, but we must concur that these processes are a bit lengthy to construct, isn’t it? Thus, here is a super simple and easy fire pit making procedure, which not only take a few minutes but, at the same time demands only some basic components to be built. Let’s check out the building methods below-

Supplies You Need Here:

Here you will need some lumber pieces, 4 stainless steel hose clumps, Weber charcoal grate, 36 blocks, some fire bricks, pea pebbles, iron rods, rod bender, and measuring tape.


  • At the initial stage, clear up the area where you need to build the pit and make sure that the place is cleaned up properly.
  • Now place the Weber charcoal Grate on that place and start to cover it with the blocks around the grate.
  • You need approximately 9 to 10 blocks to space around the area set the second layer on the first one in a similar way.
  • Remember that you don’t need to place the blocks so tightly and easily leave a gap of 1 to 2 inches inside two blocks!
  • However, this way you need to build a well-shape pit with 4 block-layers in a little separate way.
  • Now take out the inside grater, place three or four fire bricks in the inner gap and cover the bricks with some pea pebbles.
  • After that, take three iron rods, make 5 ̎ from both ends using the measuring tape, and bend each rod from both marking sides.
  • Then, use those stainless steel hose clumps to make a perfect triangle out of these bent
  • Set this triangle-shaped thing below the Weber Charcoal Grate with the help of some SST hose clumps.
  • Now all you need is just place this setting inside the gap of your block-made pit and it’s all ready to use as an easy outdoor fire pit on any of your desiring places.
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