16 DIY Valentines Day Gifts in Jar

Valentines Day Mason Jar DIY:

Mason jar offers us more than one or two categories to be utilized as gifts, thus not only in the Christmas festivity but, you can use such things during any kind of event. This time we are demonstrating you how you can use this beneficial mason jar items to craft some pretty and attractive valentine’s day presentation! Crafting valentine’s day item out of these jars are even easier to craft than other preparations and here is a simple glimpse of that in step by step method below-

Materials You Need:

To me this type of thing, you will need an empty mason jar with the lid on it, writing tag, some stickers, some scrapbook paper, some string and a scissor along with a marker pen.

How to Make:

  • Firstly, cut the scrapbook paper into several stripes with the thickness of 1 inch and the length of 6 inches in measurement.
  • Now, write down some nice wishes or quotes or memories you with that person you are going to gift this item on the scrapbook pieces using your favorite marker.
  • After writing down your messages keep them aside and start decorating your jar.
  • To decorate the jar, stick some stickers on the outer surface of the mason jar according to your occasion, as in choose heart-shaped stickers for the valentine’s day event or Christmas related adornments for the 25th December celebration.
  • When you have all finished the decoration, go, and open up the lid to placing in the scrapbook messages into the jar, after folding them in half.
  • Once you completed up all these steps, just set the lid on and emphasize it with the person’s name, whom you are going to present it!
  • To do so, write down the name on the writing tag and hang it up on the neckline of the mason jar with the help of a piece of string.
  • Now, this is all ready to give as a gift in such super inexpensive yet the meaningful gift with sentimental value!

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