16 DIY Outdoor Fire pit Ideas

DIY Gas Firepit:

You know that using gas fire pit is easier than lumber-based fire pits, as don’t need to worry about the fuel every time you fire it up! You just need to know the natural liquid propane application with some adequate components. Let’s check out the using and making procedure below-

Supplies You Need Here:

To make a gas fire pit, you will need some stacked blocks, concrete pavers, powder-coated steel frames that come with fire pit kit, a burner, a pan, a flanch & key, a flex line that necessarily has fitting point, some screws, and a drill machine.


  • At first, place the pan in a desiring place of your outdoor to give you a guide for the first row of your blocks.
  • Now, set the fire pit in a circle shape in the similar way as did in our previous projects, and don’t forget to remove the pan from the inner place after setting the first row of bricks.
  • Insert a brick in between one of the rows in which you have already make a hole in the measurement of 3×4 all way through.
  • After completing enclose, install the installation pallets or steel frame, bend it a little and fit it into the brick structure.
  • Fit this object with some screws on the middle way of the brick frame and make sure that you have set it exactly opposite the brick hole that you put inside one row!
  • Now, bring the flanch and key, set it inside the hole with a small piece of iron pipe.
  • Then, set your flex-line inside the pit attaching its mouth on the flanch & key side.
  • Now all you need is just place the fire pit pan and the burner together inside the pit. Don’t forget to set them jointly before placing the burner inside the pit!
  • Finally, set the gas line on that flanch & keyhole, turn it on with your lighter and enjoy the warmth of your own gas fire pit with the pleasing beauty of outdoor!
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