18 DIY Pallet Coffee Table Ideas

DIY Modern Coffee Table:

In the era, you can’t be untouched from the flow of modernity for a long while and interior designing is the initial thing that helps to show us the modernity in your livelihood! Thus, this time, we are showing you how you can make a modern coffee table by using those same basic things from your own storage! Let’s check it out-

Materials You Need:

To craft this type of table you need, a single sheet of 48 ̎x98 ̎ plywood piece, a plywood cutter, some masking tape, wood glue, measuring scale, edge bending product, iron, wood stain, a stencil, a piece of cloth, clear coating paint, paintbrush, four bracket pieces, some screws and a screwdriver.

How to Build:

  • At first, cut the whole plywood piece in half and cut those two pieces in half again.
  • This way, you can get four 24 ̎x42 ̎ pieces out of that one single plywood piece. Then, cut two 6 ̎ pieces from two 6 ̎ pieces from two 24 ̎x42 ̎, rotate the board and cut out two 6 ̎ pieces again although down it.
  • Now, cut two 22.5 ̎ pieces out of these lastly separated 6 ̎ pieces and when you get the entire piece, it’s time to glue them up.
  • Firstly, glue four pieces up in order a rectangular shape, as you can see in the video and add a divider where you can make a drawer inside the table.
  • After that, add edge banding on the top surface of your table, once you have made it by attaching the parts with glue!
  • To stick edge banding, set the bending, press it down with the pressure of iron and wipe out the excess parts with a stencil.
  • Attach the edge bandings on the rest parts of plywood that you have in your hand as these will be utilized to make the drawer later.
  • Make one separate part of that rectangle base to use as the back panel of your table and set them with glue.
  • Make sure that you are leaving the bottom of that drawer section totally empty as this will be filled with a drawer later!
  • However, after setting the one side of the table, paint it out entirely with a subtle shade and cover a few places with masking tape that you want to protect from the paint.
  • Then, take four pieces of half inch plywood, join them up with the nail and set a base from a plywood piece to give it the shape of a drawer’s base.
  • Now, insert it into the empty space of your table and be sure whether it could fit at the place or not!
  • After setting it in, place the top surface of your drawer and stick those parts together with some nails.
  • Paint the edge bending with the stain, set them with iron and take out the extra part with a stencil.
  • Then, color the whole thing with a nice coat of stain and take out the masking tapes before letting them dry.
  • Now it’s time to make the legs of your table and for that, buy four fancy table legs from any hardware store.
  • Don’t forget to coat them with the same paint coat before attaching them below the table.
  • Finally, apply the clear coat of poly on your table and let all the parts dry completely before going on the final stage.
  • Then, set those brackets on the four corners of the bottom part of your table and give a final coat of paint on some place if you feel it needs, especially after taking out the masking tape!
  • Now, your contemporary coffee table is all ready to use as an interior designing piece of your house.
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