18 DIY Pallet Coffee Table Ideas

DIY Pallet Coffee Table :

We have already tell you about the functionality of pallet pieces on the first topic, this time let us show you directly that how some simple pallet pieces could turn into a magnificent coffee table with the help of some other basic elements! Check this out-  

Materials You Need:

To make this table, you will need 2 pallets, 1 4×4 x 6ft, 1 sheet of particleboard, 1 box of screws, reciprocating saw, 9inch blade, nail punch, hammer, miter saw, circular saw, drill, portable planer, hand planer, and sander.

How to Build:

  • At first, cut out four equal lumber pieces from that 4×4 x 6ft wooden piece and smoothen the pieces with the sander.
  • Now, take out the slats from one pallet and lay them on the sheet of particleboard to get a perfect measurement of those placed slats.
  • Then, cut out the particle board piece depending on that measurement with the help of the rotating saw.
  • After that, set those lumber pieces in a rectangular shape and set the particleboard piece across those pieces.
  • After securing the corners and aligns, set them with nails and place those pallet slats on the particleboard base.
  • Now, place the slats on the floor, flip the table on it and set them together with some nail by the driller.
  • Once you fill that, you have used enough nails to secure the slats on the particleboard piece, turn it up to secure the edges with four 2 ̎x2 ̎ pieces.
  • Then, build the bottom stand of your table 3 more slats of the pallet and to set them firstly, join two legs with one slat and other two with another slat.
  • After that, set three wide pieces of the slat by laying it on one joint to another and your pallet coffee table is all ready to use.
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