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DIY Orbeez Pillow

Orbeez is a frequent object to use in various DIY projects and this time we are demonstrating you how you can utilize these things to make a pillow for your personal use! The best part of making an Orbeez pillow is that you can keep them in your freezer too, for sometimes and make it cold to get a freezing therapy on your body, especially during the scorching summer season. Let’s take a look at the making procedure below-

Materials Needed:

To craft this pillow, you will need, air pillow or an air wedge, one packet of colorful Orbeez, an empty ketchup bottle, and some water.

How to Make:

  • Firstly, air blow your pillow or wedge halfway with air and put the blower place close.
  • Now insert the Orbeez into that empty ketchup bottle from the packet and make sure that you have enough Orbeez pieces for your pillow.
  • Then, open up the nozzle thing of your air pillow and insert the mouth of your ketchup bottle into that nozzle.
  • Keep inserting Orbeez into the pillow as much as you want and sometimes, it may take more than one Orbeez packet to prepare a single Orbeez pillow!
  • Then, add some water into your pillow base to widen up the Orbeez pieces perfectly.
  • Keep the Orbeez pieces rinse into the water for a few hours and then your Orbeez pillow will be ready for your use.

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