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DIY Koala Hug Pillow


Koala hug pillow is another adorable one among contemporary patterned pillow designs. It is too cute to flaunt but as much simple to craft as a soft toy and this kind of pillow could fulfill the requirement of toys of your kids as well as pillows! Koala is a naturally pretty-looking animal which lures kids’ attention naturally. Hence, it is superfluous to say that a pillow in the shape of koala pattern would definitely be one favorite head supporting object for kids or toddlers. Take a look at the crafting procedure below-

Materials Needed:

To make this type of pillow, you will need one soft sweatshirt, a coloring A4 sheet or paper, pen, scissor, sewing pins, hot glue gun, needle, thread, some pillow stuffing, black felt piece, white felt piece and some Velcro pieces.

How to Make:

  • At the initial stage, draw a shape of koala one the sheet and cut the shape out of the paper.
  • Now, set it on your sweatshirt and use as a template to cut the two precise pieces out of the fabric in the shape of that paper cutting.
  • Then, take the sleeves of your sweatshirt and make four similar sized parts from those two sleeves. You need to use them as the hands and legs of the koala pillow, so cut the top portion of each part as a half circle way.
  • Now, joint the edges with hot glue and take the inside section out of each piece.
  • After that, place one piece of koala sculpture set four pieces over it and sew them up with single edges.
  • Then, place the rest piece of a sweatshirt from the top and again sew it up carefully by leaving the mouth open of every single part.
  • Now, place the pillow stuffing inside the main pillows base as well as the hand and leg portions.
  • After completing the stuffing process, close the open portions with hot glue needle and thread.
  • Mentionable here that, set the backside up of your pillow, and when you set all them up, turn the inside out and then do the stuffing job nicely.
  • Then, make one nose and two eyes from the black felt piece, set them on the backside of that pillow.
  • Take the white felt piece and cut out some circle pieces to set on the ears, claws and chest section of your koala craft.
  • Finally, set one portion of Velcro on each claw with some hot glue and your koala pillow is prepared to be used!

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