DIY Pillows- How to Craft Pillows

We are here again with one more project on Pillows! Pillows are essential objects for our daily lives, and no matter how much you already got, but there are still some rooms remain for more. Nowadays, you can buy various types of pillows, which are made of different kinds of materials, and these varieties would become more pleasurable if you can craft them by applying DIY process, isn’t it? Thus, here we have come up some trouble-free yet unique ways about how to make a pillow in a different pattern. Let’s take a look at the making procedure in step by step methods-

DIY Monster Pillow:

These days, monster patterned pillows are grabbing huge attention and appreciations from the contemporary people, especially, who have kids! These monster decorative pillows seem intricate but, they are really very easy to craft. The best part of using such pillows is that it displays adorable and exceptional in one receptacle! You can craft this type of pillow for your personal use or gift to your friends or relatives as well. Monster pillows could be made in several patterns, here we are referring the easiest one among them, let’s take a look-

Materials Needed:

To craft this type of pillow, you will need two pieces of green fleece about 80 cm in length and 33 cm in width, hot glue gun, pillow stuffing, needle, thread, a piece of white fleece, something round shaped object with 30 thickness in diameter, scissor, Velcro, pencil, and a piece of black felt.

How to Make:

  • At first, take two pieces of fleece in the same size and set them jointly with the help of a hot glue gun.
  • Leave a small space on one side from where you can insert the stuffing of your pillow.
  • Now, take the inside part out of that fleece-made pillowcase and go for the next step f your crafting.
  • Here is the most enjoying part of pillow making and that is inserting the pillow stuffing inside the case.
  • Place in as much stuffing as you need for a comfortable pillow, but make sure that you can bend it from the middle.
  • When your stuffing process is done, close the open part with some more hot glue and the base for your monster pillow is ready!
  • Now it’s time to craft the adornments of a monster shaped pillow and for that cut out two circles from the white fleece piece which individually have 30 cm measurement in diameter.
  • Now take one circle, fold it two times from the middle and cut out in four triangle pieces.
  • Then, take one triangle, attach two edges with that hot glue gun and make a white cone from that fleece piece.
  • After crafting the cone, take out the inside part out, place in some pillow stuffing inside it and sew it up alongside the top edges.
  • Now, pull the string up and close the open to make a small stuffed cone like a horn.
  • Make more 6 pieces in this way and set them as the teeth of your monster over the pillow.
  • Set three pieces on one side and four on another side with the help of hot glue gun, and check whether you have left enough spaces between two teeth to set the entire orderliness perfectly!.
  • To set the teeth more securely, attach one piece of Velcro on each monster teeth and then go the last or final step.
  • In the final stage, you need to craft two gigantic eyes for your monster pillow from fleece piece again.
  • Cut out two circles from the rest white fleece piece with the measurement of 20 cm each.
  • Now, sew one piece through the edges and pull the string at the end to craft a fleece case in the shape of a bowl.
  • After making two similar objects like this, fill the middle part with some pillow stuffing, and close the open side similarly as we did for the teeth.
  • When you get two eyes like this, set them over the pillow with some hot glue.
  • Now, take a black felt piece and cut out 2 black circles from it about 2.5 cm in measurement.
  • Finally, set them in the two eyes of your pillow as the eyeballs, and your superbly modish monster pillow is all ready to use as a dreamy sleeping object of your daily life!

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