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DIY Paw Pillows

Paw is the soft foot of mammal or other animals that have claws or nails. These days, having such footprints in different types of objects has become a new trend of modernity. Thus, you can find this type of print in several elements like jewelry, fashion accessories, draperies, room decoration, or sleeping objects like blanket or pillows. People, who have pets in their house, are genuinely very much attached to them and it would be even wonderful if they can have a little classy touch of their pets on their pillows! So, here we are showing you how to make a paw pillow designs with some truly easy step, check this out-

Materials Needed:

To craft this type of pillow you will need, 4 A4 paper sheets, sellotape, a pen or marker, a scissor, a sweatshirt, some pins, hot glue gun, needle, thread, pillow stuffing, a piece of cardboard, one circles object, another t-shirt in different shade, and some rubber bands.

How to Make:

  • Firstly, set 4 A4 sheets together with the help of sellotape and make a paw shape on the sheet with a pen or dark marker.
  • Now cut the paw shape out of the sheet to use as a template on your next stages.
  • Then, take your sweatshirt and set the shape over the shirt to cut out two pieces with similar measurements.
  • Set both pieces with some hot glue and sew them up by leaving a small space on one side, from where you can place in the stuffing for your pillow.
  • Now, insert as much stuffing inside the pillow base as you need and close the open part at the end.
  • Then, take the paw shaped sheet and separate the fingers from the claw with a scissor.
  • Place the claw on your pillow, set it precisely with some pins and make four finger spaces on the top of that claw with the help of a needle and some strings.
  • To do so, put the needle on one side and take out from another side. Then, tie a knot by joining two end loops, and cut out the extra string out of the pillow. This way, you should make 3 lines which will provide you four clear spaces of fingers.
  • When you are all done, unpin the claw-shaped sheet from the pillow and take it out.
  • After that, cut out the claw to get a smaller shape from it and use this one as a template on a cardboard piece.
  • Use your circle object on the cardboard piece as well to get four circle shaped pieces.
  • Then, take another t-shirt, which must have different shade from the first one.
  • Now, cut out 5 pieces from that t-shirt in the shape of your 5 parts of a paw.
  • Place one t-shirt piece, add some stuffing, set the suitable cardboard piece on it and then tie a rubber band with the excess parts.
  • After that, sew the whole thing up alongside the edges, cut the string and the knotted part away from your craft.
  • This way make all 5 parts of a paw in which one is the claw and the rest parts are the fingers.
  • After making all the parts accurately, set them on right places of your pillow with the help of hot glue gun and it all ready to use!

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