44 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas: Edible Treats, Jars and Craft Gift Ideas

DIY Christmas Gifts:

There are plenty of options for Christmas gifts to choose from, and if you want to make gifts by yourself then, the list will be extended naturally! One of the most applauding parts of crafting Christmas gifts is that you don’t need to think of the budget in this process and could make the thing as the need of your dear person.

If we think of a perfect Christmas presentation, some specified objects typically occur in our mind like handbags, trophy bottles, perfumes, handmade soaps or scrubbers, apron, pinecone fire starter favors, snow globes, glass jar crafts, cushion, wall arts, candles, homemade trivet, coaster, serving tray, tube beaded necklace, DIY sleigh, book marker, lantern, paracord crafts, greetings card, photo frames, etc.

Just make sure that your crafting is good enough to be a Christmas gift and execute as a useful element to your given person!

Christmas Sewing Gift Ideas

  1. Cross stitch family portrait at petalstopicots
  2. Make a pom pom scarf for your loved ones – scarf tutorial.
  3. Colorful fabric headband tutorial at hand made gift ideas Alice and Louis.
  4. Cute fabric dolls at homemaker.
  5. Gift a colorful fabric ipad stand.
  6. Make fabulous smelling lavender sachets fabric sachet tutorial.
  7. Beautiful fabric luggage tag – tag tutorial.
  8. Give them a reversible bag – very purple person.
  9. Get tons of more sewing gifts at all free sewing.
  10. Sew some alphabet fabric coasters – drop cloth coaster.

DIY Christmas Food and Baking Gift Ideas

Christmas Edible Gifts Foods

Homemade Mason Lemon Shortbread Jar Cookies

View Recipe

Peanut butter Blondie

Blondie kit

Hot Chocolate Truffles

Via Yourcupofcake

Candy Cane Spoons Which You Can Really Eat

Edible spoons

Homemade Nutella Christmas Food Ideas


Yummy Peppermint Candy Spoons

Crunchy Caramel Popcorn

via Holiday food gifts

Holiday Food Gifts Coffee Cup cakes

Coffee cupcake recipe

Orange Oatmeal Cookies Gift Wrap



Mason Jar Christmas Gift Ideas

DIY Mason Jar Gift Ideas for Christmas

Ginger bread man Mason jar Gift


Peppermint Pampering Spa in a Christmas Gift Mason Jar 

the gunny sack peppermint spa

Caramel Apple in a Jar

from the gunny sack

Beauty Care Gifts Mason Jar Pedicure in a Jar

Evermine jar gift

DIY Glow in Dark Slime Mason Jar Craft

pumpkin Princess Slime Craft

Mason Jar Teacher Gift Tags


Thank you Friends for this Christmas

Thankyou printable

Homemade Kids Gifts – Sock Puppet in Mason Jar


kids gift jar

Reindeer Mason Jar Gift Crafts

Reindeer Nose

Have Holly Jolly Christmas – Elf Mason Jar Gift

elf mason jar

Give this Caramel Apple and Cheese Dip for Your Foodie Friends or Dear Ones 

caramel apple

Santa Claus Mason Jars

painted jars

DIY Christmas Candies, Cookies, Chocolate Gift Ideas

DIY Christmas Candy and Chocolate Dipped Cookies

Make Christmas Candy Light Gift Packs

candy lights

Melt Peppermint Candies into Mittens for Gifts

sugartown sweet

DIY Pepper Mint Candy Christmas Decor and Gift

peppermint tree

Make some Graham Cracker house and Candies for Gifts

honey maid houses

Bake and Make Christmas Candy Cookies

red christmas cookies

M and M Pretzel Treats

Tasty kitchen

Make Chocolate Dipped and Sprinkled Oreo Christmas Gift Pack for Kids 

oreo treats

My favorite of this post – Amazing Chocolate dipped cookies

choco chip cookies

Chocolate Dipped Ball Reindeer Rudolph Christmas Treats for kids

Oreo balls

Dip some shortbread in chocolate for Kids Christmas gifts

shortbread cookies


DIY and Christmas Biscuit Gift Ideas

DIY Christmas Biscuit and Choco Cookies Gifts

Christmas Biscuit Bakes Inspiration

happy christmas biscuits

Brown Pecan Sugar Cookies to Wrap and Gift

sugar cookies

Ginger Bread man Cookies for Christmas ( Use Translate )

ginger breadman cookies

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