#50 DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas: Warm Welcoming Christmas Wreaths

DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas :

Our Christmas decoration is incomplete without as perfect wreath on the door or your hall. You may buy a flower or leaves-made wreath for your ornamentation but, making a wreath by your own hands always bring extra happiness for a Christmas celebration.

Crafting wreath by your own hands offers you a lot more variety than buying a ready-made one! You can craft your DIY wreath from several things apart from the flowers, like ornaments, wine corks, paper stars, boxwood, chrysanthemums, holly leaves, glass stars, bottle-brush tree, faux, cellophane candy, jingle bells, maple leaves, steel magnolias, Birch bark, felt, rag, ribbon, sequin, pinecone, moss, magnolia leaves, candy stripes, glitter paper, sage, berry, wrapping paper, bows, branches, burlap, artificial fruits, and foliage, etc.


DIY Boxwood Merry Christmas Wreath

Boxwood Wreath tutorial

Olive branches Christmas Wreath

View idea

Yet Another Boxwood Green and Teal Wreath

View idea

Colorful Paper Plate Christmas Wreath

make paper wreath

Colorful Fabric and Fleece Wreath

View idea

Fabric Rag Christmas Wreath Tutorial

View idea

Pom Pom Christmas Wreath

View idea

Crochet Christmas Wreath PDF  Pattern

View idea

Simple Pom pom and Crochet Wreath

View idea

Crochet Snowman Wreath

View Idea

Cardboard and Mongolia Leaves Wreath

View idea

DIY Fabric Wreath

View Idea

Printed Ribbon Wreath

View Ribbon

Braided Fabric Wreath

View Idea

Make Christmas Ball Ornaments Wreath

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Make a Door Wreath with Plastic Bottles

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Mesh Wreath

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A Sweet Christmas with DIY Marshmallow Wreath

holiday marshmallow wreath

Pine Needle Christmas Wreath

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DIY Burlap Christmas Wreaths

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DIY Christmas Candy Wreath

View Idea

How to make a Peppermint Candy Wreath

mini candy wreath

Modern Pvc Wreath

Green Crochet Wreath for Christmas Door Decor

Simple crochet

Christmas Crochet Wreath Ornament

crochet ornament steps

Christmas Rag Wreath

A Traditional Christmas Wreath Which Smells Great

Red and White Ribbon Candy Wreath

Make ribbon wreath

Simple Statement Wreaths for Attractive Door Fronts

yet another wreath

Wooden Slice Christmas Wreath

Woodland tree wreath

Burlap Christmas Wreath

Easy Burlap Wreath

Christmas Deco Mesh Wreath Inspiration

Bright and Attractive Monogram Christmas Wreath

monogram wreath

Crayons Holiday Christmas Wreath Ideas

coloring wreath

Christmas Door Decor

Living Christmas Wreath – Succulent Wreath

succulent wreath

Christmas Wreath Made with Felt Ribbon and Ornaments

ribbon wreath

Cinnamon Wreath for Christmas

Cinnamon wreath

Coffee Filters and Pine cones into a Fluffy Wreath

Winter pine cone wreath

How to make a Christmas Pom Pom Wreath

pom pom wreath

Easy Christmas Burlap Wreath Idea

Unique Foliage Wreath

Via bhg

Christmas Corn husk Wreath

via Marthastewart

Christmas Crochet Snowman Wreath

snowman wreath

DIY Christmas Wreath Tutorial

The making procedure of a Christmas wreath is quite similar with all types of materials. Thus, here we have emerged with the making procedure of tamarisk leaves made faux wreath; you can alter the basic material with anything you like, let’s check out the procedure below-

Things Needed:

To make an average sized wreath you will need, a wire hanger, a wire cutter, florist tape, some real or faux tamarisk leaves, red ribbon and some Christmas ornaments in different colors.

How to Make:

  • At first, take the wire hanger and securely bend the triangular part of that wire hanger into the shape of a perfect circle.
  • You can buy a readymade wire wreath from the market directly instead of making the wire circle by your hand! But, when you have decided to apply DIY process, then why don’t you try by yourself like this?
  • Now, after completing the circle making process, bring those fresh tamarisk leaves and separate them securely from a single stem.
  • When you have enough leaves, start to set them over the circled wire. Wire hanger made wreath will have only one line of wire so it is easy to cover the whole circle soon.
  • If you have brought a readymade wire wreath then, you must complete covering the entire 3 lines of wire wreath with the leaves to get a wider wreath.
  • After the covering process is done, decorate the leafy wreath with some colorful ornaments and set a red bow at one corner of your wreath.
  • To make the red bow, take the red ribbon, fold it like a bow by having to strips from the bottom and set them with a stapler or glue.
  • Once all the items are dry out properly, hang your wreath at your door or any desirable place you want.

DIY Christmas Wreath Video

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