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#3 DIY Foaming Hand Soap: How to make Foaming Hand Wash

This is the new trend of using foaming hand wash instead of scented soap or detergent bars, thus liquid foaming hand washes grabbing the utmost market since the last few years! As usual, we come up with some DIY foaming hand wash recipes, this time, depending on this topic, which […]

DIY Bath Bombs :#2 How to make Galaxy lush Bath Bomb

We have shown you about several types of homemade soaps in our some previous articles, which all are individually different from each other. Today we are come up with a whole new category of DIY bath soaps which are crafted view of the mysterious galaxy! Galaxy is that particular cosmos […]

DIY Soaps : How to Make Clear Bubbled Water Soap

We show you different type of soap in our previous DIY soap making articles. They are totally dissimilar from each other but each has a particular specialty along with an individual view as per its characteristic, such as squishy soap, liquid soap, glycerin soap, etc. Today, we are showing you […]

DIY Soap Crafts: #2 How to Make Squishy Flubber and Galaxy Homemade Soaps

We mentioned this several times that homemade products work better to our skin problems and provide a truly glowing solution to our skin cells. You must have seen our previous DIY glycerin soap recipe already, but today, we are going to surprise you with two extremely different soap recipes which […]

DIY Glycerin Soap: #3 Realistic Homemade Lemon and Orange Soaps

Glycerin soaps are essential for the winter season, but nowadays, several dermatologists suggest using this kind of soap through the whole year, because of its moisturizer content! DIY products always perform better for skin solutions, which we already observed in our body scrub article, right! After trying our hands on […]