DIY Recycled planter how to recycle plastic and scrap for planters

#22 DIY Recycled Planter Boxes: Step by Step Ideas   Recently updated !

The planter box is an essential component of your garden that not only hold the plants but responsible for the basic beauty of your entire garden. You may buy some beautiful or eye-catchy planters from the market at any time, but making your own planter according to your needs, would […]

#70 DIY Planter Box Ideas: Modern concrete, Hanging, Pot & Wall Planters   Recently updated !

DIY Planter Box Ideas and Plans People used to look for a designed planter box when they intend to bring some decorative plants in their houses. We have already shown you how some recycled planter boxes could mesmerize the view of your balcony or garden in a natural way, in […]

DIY planter box plans and ideas

How to Grow Cowpeas: #7 Steps Growing Cowpeas   Recently updated !

Cowpea is one highly nutrient vegetable that produces edible pods along with tasty seeds, which are used to cook in several scrumptious dishes. Cowpea plant belongs to the pea family and originally came from the tropical climate. Cultivating cowpea is basically simple that claims low maintenance and normal circumstance to […]