38 DIY Wind Chime Ideas For Decor and Garden

Nothing is more magical or rather says, relaxing for our tired mind than listening to the sweet sound of a wind chime in our window or balcony, isn’t it?

This simple home adorning component considers as a lucky charm for our houses according to the Chinese feng-shui, but its pretty appearance and magical sound make us adore it more affectionately than just a simple lucky mascot. The gentle sound of wind chimes sometimes works as a mind refreshment for us and could revamp our whole mood in a peaceful way.

So, today let our DIY skill taste the beauty of making these super relaxing wind chimes at home with some basic craft materials and following the easiest methods as well. Let’s check out these project collections along with their precise making procedure and give your house a delightful renovation with just a single and easy-to-make wind chimes through a DIY process-

DIY Wind Chimes

12. Make Sea Shell Wind Chime

Make this wind chime

Make Painted Sea Shells

Paint seashells

2. Make Wind Chimes with Terracotta

Make this wind chime

3. Beaded Wind Chime

DIY this Wind Chime

4. Melted Bead Heart Wind Chime

DIY beaded wind chime

5. Garden Wind CHime with Bamboo Stakes

DIY garden wind chime

6. Make Colorful Fall Wind Chimes

DIY fall wind chime

7. Rusty Chain link into Valentine Wind Chime

DIY Heart Wind Chime

8. DIY Sun Catcher Wind Chime

Make this sun catcher / Wind Chime

9. Sea Glass Wind Chime / Sun Catcher

DIY this wind chime

10. Wine / Beer Bottle Glass Wind Chime

Make this wind chime

11. Spray Painted Colorful Can Wind Chime

DIY this Wind Chime

1. DIY Plastic Cup Amazing Wind Chimes Design:

This is a simple DIY project where you can use some simple plastic cups to craft an eye-catchy wind chime for your house. Wind chimes are a great pick for gifting someone on their special occasion. So, let’s learn how to make this spectacular musical adornment easily at your own workshop along with the low-cost quality as well-

Supplies You Need:

How to Prepare:

  • At first, cover 9 plastic pipes or stripes entirely with some old news and some glue
  • Now, let them dry for a few whiles and then, paint them up with a layer of black acrylic paint
  • Once the paint is dried enough, make an entresol or platform for your wind chimes by putting the stripes in a proper manner
  • To do so, make a frame-like square out of four sticks and place three sticks lengthwise over that square with even space
  • Now, put the rest two stick over the top surface in a criss-cross pattern and let the entresol dry like this for a few hours
  • In this gap, take 12-15 plastic cups and paint them thoroughly with orange acrylic paint using a paintbrush
  • Then, apply the bobby-print or white acrylic dots on the orange surface of each cup along with some glittery highlights
  • When the paint layer is dried out completely, heat a thick needle and make a hole at the center of the bottom part of each plastic cup
  • Now, cut out 6-7 inches of yarn from a yarn ball and insert 2-3 pearls through the loop on its one side
  • Secure the pearls with knots and insert the other part through the hole of a plastic cup carefully
  • The yarn part, which you pass through the whole of a cup secure with 1-2 two pearls or golden threads and some tight knots similarly
  • Make at least 3-4 cups this way using the same length of yarn pieces and use longer yarn pieces for the next 4-5 sets of cups which you need to prepare exactly the same way
  • Now, tie 4 cups with the smaller length at the four corners of your entresol secure the cups with tight knots
  • Then, tie four cups with a longer length than the previous ones exactly at the middle of each stick of that entresol
  • Use lengthier yarn pieces for the remaining 4-5 cups and tie them randomly in the middle part of that entresol
  • Once you are done, take the longer one to tie at the center of that platform and now your DIY plastic-cup wind chime is all ready to hang in your desiring place

13. Relaxing glass bottle wind chime

Make this glass bottle wind chime

14. Mason Jar and Wine Bottle Ring Wind Chime

Make this wind chime

15. DIY Embroidery Hoop Key and Crystals Wind Chime

DIY this wind chime

16. Make Wind Chimes with Old Keys

DIY this wind chime

17. Old Keys and Chain Link Wind Chime

DIY this key Chime

18. Beaded Sparkling Sun Catcher Wind Chimes

Make this wind chime

19. Make Wind Chime with Paper

Wind chime with paper

20. Sea Glass Sun Catcher Wind Chime

DIY this sea glass wind chime

21. Kids Colorful Garden Wind Chime with Pot and Beads

Make this terracotta pot wind chime

22. Make Garden Win Chimes with Washers and Tools

View plan

23. Musical Xylophone Wind Chime

DIY this wind chime

24. Recycled Wind Chime with Papercup and Beads

Make this wind chime

25. Painted Tuna Can Wind Chimes

Wind chime idea

26. Upcycled Tin Can Duct Tape Wind Chime

Tin wind chime

27. Easily to Try Tea Pot Wind Chimes

Teapot wind chime

28. Pony Beads Jingle Bells Wind Chime

DIY wind chime

29. Hama Beads Spoons and Feathers Wind Chime with Bells

DIY this wind chime

30. Easy Garden Wind Chimes


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