42 DIY Shoe Storage Ideas: Clever Storage Bench and Racks for Small Space

Shoes are one of those things which we every time need in a hurry while going out somewhere. Hence, it is obvious that we always look for an easy-to-access storage for our shoes and at the same time searching for a cargo-space that could keep our shoes protected in an organized way.

You can definitely buy an expensive shoe closet or rack from the market spending a large sum of money, but why to spend a single penny when you can get that exact exclusive quality from your own DIY shoe storage space?

So, here we go with some truly inspiring DIY shoe storage ideas for you which you can easily craft in your house with just a few basic tools. Let’s build them according to your free-space and get rid of the problem of misplaced or mismatched shoes cleverly within your small budget. Take a quick look below-

1. An Easy Shoe Storage Cabinet:

This is a simple shoe cabinet project that is built with both open and close racks for different sorts of shoes. Use plywood pieces with the dimension of 3 foot by 4 foot for the base to get a moderate size of your DIY shoe shelf. You can use wood glue to assemble the plywood pieces into the shape of a perfect shoe shelf, but try to ensure the joint with some tight screws for the best durability. Now let’s take a quick look at this simple plywood-made shoe storage crafting tutorial that could fit in any of your indoor spots easily.

Build this shoe storage cabinet

2. DIY Minimalist Entryway Shoe Storage Bench:

This is a beautiful project that could transform your simple house entrance or entryway into an organized mudroom with this pretty shoe bench. This is one more plywood-made project and that’s why doesn’t cost much and very simple to craft due to its amazing adaptability. The pocket-hole joinery would give you enough space to keep at least 6-7 pairs of shoes in each rack. The top surface you can use for the seating purpose while wearing shoes, and the below racks will keep your shoes safely in an organized way.

Build this shoe bench

3. Add this Side Sling Hanging Shoe Storage to Your Closet:

If you are living in a single room or dorm room and could have enough space to store your shoes in an organized way then, this would be definitely the best project for you. This is a side sling hanging shoe storage which you can hang in your dress closet or cupboard easily. You can also hang this type of fabric-made shoe rack in your room hanger to make the shoe easy-to-access in hurry. Adjust the racks depending on your requirement of empty pockets with the number of your shoes. Make sure you are using a fresh material for the side sling hanging storage to get a long-lasting quality from your DIY shoe rack.

Check this shoe rack

4. Simple DIY Shoe Rack

Here is the cheapest DIY shoe rack project which is also a super space-saving shelf indeed. The best part of this pattern of shoe rack is that it is supremely easy to build and extraordinarily low-cost due to its main material. Despite the sturdiness, you would be wondered to know that this shoe rack is actually made of cardboard! All you need is just assemble some sturdy cardboard pieces and make this unequally designed shoe rack with the help of some duck tape effortlessly in your own workshop.

Build this shoe rack with cardboard

5. An Extra-Wide Mudroom Shoe Bench:

If you have enough space in your mudroom then, try out this super classy and elegant Diy shoe bench in your own craft shop with an extra-wide design. This is actually a bench plan for an entryway with some storage space, which you can smartly use as a pretty shoe-shelf. The extra-wide surface of this bench not only gives the seating coziness but also, offers us a larger strong space for a bunch of shoes in its wide torso. Try to make the seating platform folding or removable to access your shoes easily.

Build this shoe bench

6. DIY Rustic Bench with Shoe Storage Basket:

We always want to sit comfortably while putting on or off our shoes from feet and thus, a bench is always helpful for an entryway or mudroom. Now, transforming a shoe bench into a shoe rack would definitely be a smart DIY attempt indeed. If you don’t want to spend any money on this project then, keep the seating bench unchanged and use its below empty place for your storage space normally. You can use some buckets or cardboard boxes to put the shoes inside and make you bench cum shoe storage more organized from the outside.

Build this rustic shoe storage bench

7. Cottage Entryway Shoe Storage Bench :

This is a pretty yet simple Diy project where a slightly modified cottage bench has transformed into a plain shoe rack. The bench would be used for seating purpose while the inside storage cubbies would make a wonderful space to keep your shoes in order. The best part of this project is that it doesn’t claim more than a price of $3 in total, so, you can get the benefit of a rustic cottage bench along with the goodness of a simple shoe rack in one receptacle.

Build this cottage bench with a storage

8. Pretty Shoe Rack with PVC Pipes:

This is a supremely clever DIY project that could be made from simple PVC pies within just a few basic steps. Try to use 150mm pipes to grab the best space for your shoe pairs. As these types of shoe racks craft in a little-elevated way thus, the project is extremely space-saver too, along with a low-cost quality.

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9. Add a Vivid Mudroom Shoe Storage for Kids :

This is a perfect project for your kids’ room, as this room probably suffers most messy or notorious stuff in the house. The simple pallet-made DIY shoe rack not only keeps the shoes in order perfectly but also makes them easy-to-grab, which is very important for our dear impatient little ones.

Add vivid shoe storage

10. DIY this Pine Wood Ladder Shelf Shoe Storage:

This simple project will show you how to make a plain unused ladder into beautiful shoe storage through a DIY process. Ladders come with several steps, thus you can get multiple racks in your shoe storage when it is made out of a ladder. Try to adjust the length of your DIY ladder-shoe rack according to your space availability.

Build this storage

11. Store Your Shoes in a Basket Under a Cushion Bench:

This is one plain shoe storage idea where you can use the baskets as the storage space and get the benefit of large storing space in the cheapest way.

Shoe baskets ideas

12. DIY Iron Pipe Shoe Rack:

If you are looking for durable and large shoe closet for the entire collection of your shoe then, this is the best project to try. Here the wooden shelves would set on the base of strong iron pipes and thus give us a long-lasting quality along with the super fancy resemblance.

Build this Iron pipe storage rack

13. Build an Adjustable Rolling Shoe Storage Shelf:

This is an utterly brilliant shoe shelf project that comes with a rolling quality and thus easily moveable from one place to another. The best part of this project is that the storing cubes are self-adjustable and thus you can regulate the space accruing to your need. Try to build this type of pro DIY project with the tips of a professional carpenter to make the crafting perfect from all aspects.

Build this shoe storage shelf

14. DIY Wooden Shoe Racks:

Wooden shoe racks are more durable than plywood or cardboard or fabric made a shoe rack. Hence, if you are looking for a durable shoe-shelf project then, this will be the best choice for you. This is one open-type shoe rack that makes the shoe-picking process even easier than ever. Increase or decrease the number of shelves based on your requirement of space for your shoe pairs.

Durable Shoe Rack

15. DIY White Mudroom Bench:

This is a magnificent shoe storage-project that will keep your shoes hidden in an organized way, unlike normal shoe racks. Let’s make your mudroom little classier with this elegant bench that comes with a smart storage space in its elevated torso. You can replace the coating white paint with any preferable color that suits your mudroom more accurately.

Build this mudroom bench

16. How to Build Corner Shoe Bench:

Corner shoe benches are more organized to look in your entry and thus the current favorite of contemporary people. This type of bench cum shoe storage contains comparatively larger space for storing the stuff and thus, considers as the great use for people, who have heavy shoe-collections. Try to make a rough sketch of this corner bench storage box at the beginning to make your crafting process easier like a pro.

Build this corner bench

17. DIY Floor Ceiling Shoe Shelf -Angled Storage Shelf:

This is one more superior DIY shoe-storage project that comes with a high length touches the ceiling. The curvy angled-front gives this DIY rack an exclusive look while the long rack-proportions allow s to place more than one layer of shoes in every single shelf. Always use nails and holes screws along with wood glue in this type of project, to ensure the attachment of each part for a better durability.

Build this storage

18. DIY Shoe Hangers -Budget Hanging Shoe Storage

Do you know that you actually can hang your shoes like outfits in an organized way with the help of a plain DIY shoe hanger rack? Well, this project will show you how to make perfect shoe hangers by twisting the plain cloth-hangers in some particular way and keep your shoe ordered in a smart elevated way.

Build a hanging shoe storage

19. Make a Rolling Shoe Storage to Fit under a Shoe Bench:

Rolling shoe storage is a wonderful project for a fully furnished entryway or mudroom, where you can keep your dirty shoes hidden inside the drawer-type shoe storage in a smart way. Try to use laminated wood to get a perfect view of this type of classy shoe storage more deeply.

Build this rolling shoe storage

20. Clever Idea to Repurpose a Toybox into a Kids Shoe Storage Bench:

This project will teach you how to use simple or regular storage space of your house into a clever shoe storage-space in an ordered way.

Add shelves to a toybox

21. DIY Closet Shoe Organizer:

Well, this is a supremely smart DIY shoe storage project indeed, where you can use your closet door as a large storage rack for your shoes. Use the crown molding structure to hang the heels and this way you can keep your shoes hanging on the storage in a pretty organized way.

Build this closet shoe organizer

22. DIY Movable Shoe Crates from Reclaimed Wood Boards:

The unused or extra crates from our storeroom could make a wonderful DIY shoe storage-project in a simple way, and this project is the best instance of that. Try to use different paints for every single crate box to get a classy diversity in your crate storage space.

Build this crate shoe storage

23. DIY Rolling Storage Crates:

This is one more rolling storage project that could be easily built under the bench of your mudroom with just a few simple steps.

Build rolling storage

24. Upcycle Wooden Crates into a Shoe Rack:

This is a recycling DIY project where you can make a beautiful DIY shoe rack out of some durable wooden crates in a unique way.

DIY this shoe rack

25. Spray Paint and Turn a Picture Frame into Shoe Display Storage:

Some people don’t like to keep their beautiful shoes hidden from the view and they prefer display storage more than a hidden closet for their shoes. This is the most exciting project for those fellows, where you can make a durable shoe rack or shoe storage that will keep your shoes organized and open in a classy manner.

DIY this display storage

26. DIY Outdoor Storage Bench for Shoes:

This is one more storage bench project which you can make through a simple DIY process and could use for outdoor purpose easily.

Build this outdoor storage bench

27. DIY Vintage Mail Sorter Shoe Cubby:

This is one more brilliant shoe cubby project that comes with a larger storage space in the pattern of mail sorter design. You can use fresh material like lumbers; plywood pieces etc. or recycle some old wooden stuff through a successful Diy process.

Build this shoe storage rack

28. Inspirational Shoe Rack Ideas:

This is an inspirational shoe rack project that could be built in the plainest Diy process using different types of materials for the shelf glass, wood, plywood, plastic, etc. depending on your product-availability.

Shoe rack ideas

Few More Shoe Storage Rack Inspirations and Shelf Ideas






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