DIY planter box plans and ideas

#70 DIY Planter Box Ideas: Modern concrete, Hanging, Pot & Wall Planters

DIY Planter Box Ideas and Plans People used to look for a designed planter box when they intend to bring some decorative plants in their houses. We have already shown you how some recycled planter boxes could mesmerize the view of your balcony or garden in a natural way, in […]

#15 Easy DIY Sock Animals : How to Make Sock Bunny Plush Toys

If you have a fetish for soft toys and affectionate towards the DIY crafting, too, then, socks are that one object which definitely lures you to use this material for your desiring soft toy! Because, socks, especially, yarn socks, work great when to use to make soft toys with some […]

DIY Storage Ideas: 25+ Clever Space Saving Ideas for Small Apartment

We have already talked about a lot on this issue of clever storage space idea for small apartments. These days, interior designs are only appreciated, if it could cleverly manage our small place with a space-saving attribute, including all the required furnishings as well! When we are referring space saving […]

DIY Craft Gift Ideas: How to make Heart Pendant with Glue Gun

DIY crafts are not meant to be our own utilization for all the time, sometimes, it may craft for gifting or presenting purpose too, especially, while we are going to make this kind of lovely pendant in a pretty heart shape pattern! We have seen glossy heart-shaped pendant in several […]

DIY Storage ideas: Recycled Shoe box Organizer Craft

Storage boxes are highly essential for our home, as they keep things clean and organized, which make our house more presentable, isn’t it! We have learned to make storage boxes from several objects, earlier, but, have you ever think of using a shoe box as storage before? If not, then […]

DIY Flower Craft: How to make a ribbon flower with beads

Grosgrain ribbon is one kind of ribbon that is made from any soft fabric like wool, silk, mohair, nylon woven, chiffon or it could be made with the combination of these soft fibers like silk & wool or chiffon & mohair, etc. This type of gentle ribbon may craft with […]

DIY Craft Ideas: Socks made Unicorn Soft Toy with Charger

Socks are one brilliant element to make DIY crafts, especially, while you are making a soft toy. Soft toys eternally fascinate kids and girls because of their spongy adorable resemblances and these things seem more captivating when these toys represent any magical creature such unicorn! We have heard about this […]

DIY mason Jar Crafts : #2 Homemade Fairy Glow Jar Room Decor

Glow jars are one of the prettiest ways to decorate our rooms with an enchanted glance. Earlier, people used to apply this type of embellishment object only for party purposes, but, nowadays, you can often see this sort of adornment in several people’s bedrooms. Toddlers or teenagers, especially, the girls […]

DIY Firewood ideas: Firewood Storage Inspiration Ideas

Firewood is some kind of tree log or tree branches that are gathered and used as the fuel. This wooden fuel is in high demand in the winter-inclined countries, where the fire is needed on a daily basis. Thus, we can find a fireplace inside the every single house of […]