12 Quick and Easy DIY Pom Pom Rugs

DIY Pom-Pom Rugs:

Making rug is the commonest thing to craft, especially with the big yarn pom-poms, which not only give you a super chic look but at the same time provide a comfortable feeling to your feet. If you are a novice person in DIY crafts, then pom-pom rug the most excellent thing to initiate your attempt! Let’s take a look at the making procedure below-

Materials Needed:

To make a yarn pom-pom made a rug, you will need one non-slip rug pad, two toilet paper rolls, one sharp scissor, and two or three polyester yarn balls in different shades along with a big needle.

How to Make:

  • At first, start your process by flattening the tissue paper rolls and wrap yarn around both of the paper rolls to get a puffy pom-pom effect.
  • Make sure that the yarn cross rolls evenly and then cut the yarn out of the ball after covering the rolls at least 30 to 40 times! Remember that as much round you can make as bigger the pom-pom will be.
  • Then, grab another small piece of yarn to wrap in betweens the rolls and tie a very tight knot in the middle. You can make the knot on both sides to make the pom-pom secure enough.
  • Once the knot is done, hold the scissor and start your cutting through the loops all around.
  • This cutting will open your pom-pom perfectly, especially after trimming the edges evenly.
  • After making at least 15 to 20 pom-poms in different shapes, begin the crafting of the rug.
  • To craft the rug, take your non-slip pad on a table and lay the pom-poms over the pad just to see how it flaunts.
  • After that, take both strings of yarn, which you have tied in the middle of each pom-pom, and pass them on the other side of the pad with the help of a thick needle.
  • Finally, tie those strings tightly behind the pad and repeat the process until you cover the whole pad with pom-poms. After covering the entire pad, your rug is ready to use at any of your rooms as a smooth and comfy mat.

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