DIY Cardboard Sofa: How to Make a Furniture from Cardboard

If you have hard cardboard boxes in your storage then it will be a great idea to use those boxes turning into a nice sofa for your living or drawing room. Let’s take a look at how to utilize cardboard pieces in this attempt expertly in step y step method-

DIY Cardboard Furniture: How to Make  a Sofa Out of Cardboard

Supplies You Need:

  • 8 rectangle cardboard pieces
  • 2 small rectangle cardboard pieces
  • 3 large square cardboard pieces
  • 4 pieces of hardwood for the legs of your sofa
  • Duck tape
  • Hot glue gun or glue with a brush
  • Craft knife
  • Scissor
  • Some old newspapers
  • 4-5 meters soft cotton cloth
  • Sponge as much as you need for the exact thickness
  • A huge amount of cotton
  • Some nails
  • String
  • And needle

How to Prepare:

  • At first, place duck tape on the folds of each cardboard piece from top to end, so then, any piece couldn’t break down or fold with your body weight, when you finish your crafting completely
  • Now, join 8 rectangle-size thick cardboard pieces with glue and enough duck tape to make them four solid cardboard walls for your sofa
  • Place one on the floor and set its two sides with other two similar pieces with the help of a hot glue gun
  • Once you attached them properly, set the square pieces on the empty spots and set two small rectangle cardboard pieces over the tops of those squares following the same process as the handle of your sofa
  • You must get a large box type structure out of those pieces after finishing the fixation, now set the remaining thick cardboard square in the middle of that box and secure with enough glue as well as tape similarly
  • Cover the whole box with old newspaper cuttings and wrap the edges with a dark piece of cloth like a classy borderline
  • Take two huge cotton rolls and cover the handle cardboard portions with these cotton rolls properly
  • After covering both sides similarly, coat the cotton handles with cotton-cloth covers with the help of some string and needle properly
  • Use 2-3 nails to seal the bottom of those covers and to give the handles a chic appearance
  • You can use the cotton cloth as much stylishly as you want to prepare the cover of those handles
  • Now, set the wood-made legs at the bottom of that box cum cardboard sofa and cover all the sides with the cotton cloth using the adequate amount of glue to make the outer wall smooth to resemble
  • Use nails to highlight the edges of the cotton cover with proper distance and make sure you cover the entire outer layer of the sofa this way
  • Use the inside empty place as a storage for books, shoes or any household products you want, before going for the final stage of this DIY project
  • In the final stage, take the rest thick cardboard rectangle and make it thicker than the rest sofa walls by attaching a few more equal size cardboard pieces, if you want
  • Cover this piece with paper cutting as you did with the sofa walls and cover the tops of that cardboard piece with a thick layer of sponge and cover it up with the rest cotton cloth similarly
  • You can use a large needle, thick strings and some glossy buttons to give this sofa top a fashionable glance from the top, here we are tying chic diamond shape design which is common with headboard
  • Now you need to set this designed-piece on the tops of your box as the base of your sitting furnishing and finish you crafting by securing it properly from every possible aspect.
  • Finally, set the sofa at your desiring place and decorate it with some suitable cushions appropriately.

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