16 DIY Outdoor Fire pit Ideas

How to Start a Upside Down Fire in Outdoor Fire pit:

When the weather starts to cool off, you can still enjoy the outdoors beauty if you have a nice fire pit in your backyard area. Earlier, it was very difficult to build a fire pit by the DIY process, but these days, building such delicate things are not a very difficult job to do, especially when the building components are so easy-to-access in the market. We have already shown you in our previous project that how to make an outdoor fireplace in the easy process! This time let’ us display you how to craft an upside down fire in such outdoor fire pit, let’s check it out-

Supplies You Need Here:

To get the benefit of such fire pit, you need some wooden logs in different sizes, dry tinder bundle, and a perfect fire pit area with proper pit tray.


  • At first, set the larger logs on the bottom of the fire tray and set a little bit smaller logs from the top in a crisscross pattern.
  • Then, set the other sets of logs accordingly repeating the same process until you cover the whole fire tray with available tree-logs.
  • After that, place the tinder bundle on the top of the logs’ pile and then, add some small branches over the tinder bundle.
  • These small branches will prevent to rolling out the fire out of the tray from the tinder bundle base.
  • Then, just fire it up, cover the whole firing place with a scream cover and you are ready to enjoy the warmth and coziness of your upside down fire pit at your own outdoor space!
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