18 DIY Pallet Coffee Table Ideas

Wooden Crate Coffee Table:

Wooden crate coffee table offers us more versatility than any other object in DIY process. You can use a wooden crate in various ways to give them a stylish shape of the coffee table. You know the most applauding part of using these crates on your DIY project is that you don’t need to cut or separate them for the most of the times to crafting a new thing! Let’s check out the making procedure of one of that kind table below-

Materials You Need:

To make this type of coffee table, you will need four pieces of 2×4 wooden crates which are in good condition, some wood paint, a paint brush, sandpaper, measuring tape, a saw, some screws, a power drill, some nails and a hammer.

How to Build:

  • Firstly, take your sandpaper and smooth up the crates from every single side from any kind of rough edges before starting your crafting process.
  • Now, take out your measuring tape take a precise measurement of a long piece of wood that could be divided into four equal parts. These parts would be used as the base of your table.
  • Then, cut out those pieces by using your saw and set them aside to go to the next step of your crafting.
  • In your very next step, color each crate and four equal pieces of the wood with the paint.
  • When all the crates are fully dried, screw them up in order you want to build your coffee table.
  • Here we are doing this in a little-twisted way, to do so, place one crate bottom facing down; the other one is laying the right way which will be open on the left side of the table.
  • Now, use screws to attach them up securely and assemble two rest crates in a similar way.
  • After that, set the four pieces of wood to create the base of a table in a perfect square shape, color it up and finally set this base with the other parts jointly.
  • After joining those arranged crate pieces together along with the base, you will get a square shaped crate table in front of you!
  • When all the processes are done, take four hook-shaped screws inside the empty square space of our crate table.
  • Now place a piece of cardboard on that square and cover the brown shaded cardboard piece with a piece of mirror.
  • Your super chic and unique crate coffee table are all ready to use on a lavish drawing room of your house!
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