DIY Flower Headband & Crown

Contemporary girls love to apply new, new fashion and style on themselves, especially on the parties or events. Relating to some regional fashion statements is considered as the fresh trend of this century, and adorning like bohemian girls is one of the shiniest instances of them. You can find several modern lasses embellish their heads with chic flower crowns or headbands, which are super classy to look. Though this intricate yet extremely trendy crown or a headband may resemble convoluted to make, but it is actually very simple to craft!

The best part of these elements is that you can make these types of floral or flowery head adornments with some artificial or faux objects too, as well as real flowers. Today, we have emerged with some ideas of how to make a few modish flower headbands or crowns at home in an effortless way, let’s check the process in step by step method below-

1. DIY Beaded Santin Ribbon Flower Headband

Firstly, let us conduct you with this outstandingly pretty ‘Kanzashi’ beaded satin ribbon flower headband process which could give you a total attention-catcher look in any event! The wonderful part of this headband is that you can wear it with any type of hairstyle, though, a little girl would resemble more beautiful with this type of head adornment than young lass. Let’s check out the making procedure below-

Materials Needed:

To craft this thing you will need, pink colored foam sheet, color paper in shame shade, plastic headband, satin ribbon, decorative stone & pearls, thread, needle, adhesive, lighter, scissor, and a ruler.


  • To begin the crafting, cut out 25 pieces of satin ribbon which individually measures 6 cm in size.
  • Now, take the lighter and slightly burn all edges of the satin ribbon to seal the loose strands securely.
  • After that, take one piece of ribbon, fold in the corners from both the parts and sew those folded parts after rolling inwards the base corners.
  • Join both the corners by sewing them jointly and make at least 22 petals for your artificial flower in the same process.
  • Now, assemble those petals in 3 different layers and sew them jointly to get a perfect shape of a flower.
  • Make sure that you are tightening up each layer after sewing it in a proper way, otherwise, the flower would resemble loose and improper on the headband!
  • Then, take the pink colored paper and cut out one circle piece of paper to make the base of your
  • Set it with the glue to the flower and arrange all the layer of flowers on it with similar way.
  • After that, take the rest pieces of ribbons and fold the ribbon to make the decorative tassels by using the adhesive glue again.
  • Then, take the thread the needle and sew a string of pearl to these new-made petals. You will get three such pearl tassels with those 3 petals which have made to set the bottom of your ribbon-flower.
  • Then, take the felt sheet and cut a circle out of that sheet with the help of your pencil and scissor.
  • Now, set the pearl tassels on the paper base of the flower on its backside, and cover it up with the same sized felt piece.
  • Then, decorate the entire flower with some pearls and stones along with placing a giant size stone button at the centre of your flower.
  • When all the parts are attached securely, set it on a headband and enjoy the bohemian view of your DIY classic headband!

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2. DIY Flower Crown Headband

Wearing flower crown headband is a tradition for some would-be-brides, but, this super chic style statement is not restricted for the brides only, at least not anymore! These days, bridesmaids or party girls are seriously in love with these trendy floral crowns, which have the outstanding ability to change their look into an angelic manner instantly! Let’s check out the making procedure of a flower crown in DIY method-

Materials Needed:

To craft such things you will need some grapevine wire, wire cutter, olive colored ribbon, floral tape, scissor, garden shear and some artificial flower with sturdy long stems along with a glue gun.


  • At first, cut out two 10-inch long pieces of grapevine wire and start wrapping the wires with ribbon till the ends.
  • Wrap them separately and when you are done, wrap those two already ribbon-cover wires in a criss-cross method.
  • After completing your wrapping, you will get a circle of wire in the olive-green shade.
  • Then, take a floral tape and wrap the whole thing again to cover the whole wire crown in a classy way.
  • Then, take some artificial or fake flowers, leaves and sturdy stem which you can get from any craft store near you.
  • Now, put some of those pretty flowers on the wire crown before you start placing them on the wire, just to see they exhibit well in which way.
  • Then, take the glue gun and start attaching your flowers over the wire crown using a small drop of glue on the bottom of each flower.
  • Place flowers in a congested way to make the wire crown totally invisible from an instant look.
  • When your flowers are dried out properly, set some leaves or sturdy stems randomly in-between your flowers to get a flawless traditional glance to your flower crown.
  • Wear the crown when all the parts are soaked entirely and enjoy the ultimate look of a bohemian girl in a contemporary style.

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3. DIY Felt Flower Headband Crown

Do you know that, felt works spectacularly to make this type of object in an uncomplicated manner! The best quality of felts is that they are flexible to transform into any shape, glossy to flaunt and come at a real affordable price. Thus, we often utilize felt to make a flowery headband or crown in an effortless way. Let’s take a look at the process of felt flower crown in this article below-

Materials Needed:

To craft this thing you will need, some colorful pieces of felts, scissor, sellotape with tape cutter, hot glue gun, and six pieces of yarn with at least 7 to 8 inches measurements.


  • At first, cut out one long piece of yellow felt with the measurement of 4 to 5 inches length and 3-inch width.
  • Now, set a thin layer of glue on one of the edges of the felt piece lengthwise and fold it from the middle.
  • When the folded felt is dry out completely, take the scissor and cut one edge in numerous crumbles. To get these crumbles, hold the scissor and start snipping in a gathered way.
  • Make sure that you cut the folded felt halfway and then, start folding the crumbled felt widthwise.
  • To do so, drop a bit of glue on the corner of your folded felt and fold one single time widthwise.
  • Then fold the entire folded piece round wise and secure the last portion with the glue again. At the end, you will get a faux flower in a truly unique pattern!
  • After that, take a white piece of felt in the same measurement but with a wider width like 4 to 5inches, and snip the folded felt in the same crumble way.
  • This time cut the pieces a little separately and snip the top of each cut from both sides to get another pattern of cuttings at the end of your course.
  • Then, draw a layer of glue on the entire folded edges and wrap the felt piece over the border of that premade yellow felted flower.
  • Make similar types of flower in different shades with various colored felt pieces and the star crafting your crown immediately.
  • To make the crown, take those yarn pieces, separate them into two equal parts where each part contains 3 separate parts.
  • Now, set 3 pieces of yarn on your table with the help of a tape and start crafting braid from them.
  • This way craft two different braids and don’t forget to make two tight knots on the both sides of two braids to secure them from both sides.
  • Then, assemble those two braids together by making two tight knots on both the sides and set a piece of white felt with the both knotted ends with the help of some glue. Here you can sew the felt instead of gluing them.
  • However, after that, take a small piece of white felt again and cover the visible knot on the backside of your band.
  • Then, just set those felt-made flowers in between two braids with that glue gun and enjoy the flowery headband with unique felt flowers.

4. Easy Flower Crown Headband

Nowadays, girls desire to wear a flower crown in any of their special events, whether it is prom night, a wedding event or a spinster gathering. We have already demonstrated you the making procedure of some simple and elegant crowns or headbands with DIY course. Now, we enlighten you with even easier crafting process which can make in any hasten situation or in the hurry of a flowery crown from your simple household components! Take a look-

Materials Needed:

You can prepare this type of crown from both the real and the artificial or fake flowers. To make such thing you will need, brown colored grapevine wire, wire cutter, brown colored wrapping tape, hot gun glue and some flowers with leaves and stems. Flowers will be applicable of real as well as fake materials, depends on your requirement.


  • At the initial stage, cut out the wire as much as you need to cover your head and make sure that you are cutting out the wire with double measurement of that to make a perfect fold of wire.
  • After cutting the wire out, fold it from the middle and start twisting it loosely.
  • When you are done, bend the whole wire like a headband and begin to set the flowers on it.
  • To do so, pluck the flowers from the main bunch and tightly set them inside the twisted wire band only with your hand.
  • If you are using plastic flower then, you don’t need to use any other object to secure the setting whether you are using artificial flowers or real flowers.
  • Once the crafting is finished, you don’t need to wait for any other step and set it on your head to get a perfect bohemian angelic look with this simple headband.

5. DIY Flower Crown

Some girls like to drape crown or headband which is all along made by themselves, from its wire to flowers. We have previously shown you how to make flowers from various materials, but a few girls feel a little picky about the materials they use to craft the floral headband or crown. For those selective lasses, here we come up with a modish flower crown that is made of soft and chic ribbon-made flowers! Let’s check out the precise making procedure below-

Materials Needed:

To prepare this kind of crown you will need, white and green ribbons, thread, needle, artificial pearls, metal wire, some tiny artificial pollen or farina (colorful inside part of flowers), hot glue gun and a scissor along with a lighter.


  • At first, cut out a piece of white ribbon with the measurement of 5cm in both length and widthwise.
  • Now, burn all edges slightly with the lighter to secure the loose
  • Then, take the needle with white thread and sew a perfect rectangle shape inside the piece, as you can see in the video.
  • After that, fold the piece two times from the middle and cut out a small piece of ribbon from its centre. This way, you will get a tiny hole at the centre of your piece.
  • Widen up the circle a little with the help of that lighter and take a medium sized false pearl or the plastic bead for the next step.
  • In the very next step, take a piece of metal wire with the measurement of 3 inches and insert it inside that bead.
  • After inserting it half way, fold the wire and twist the both part of wire jointly. This way the bead will set inside the wire securely.
  • Then, place in the hole and tight the thread to get an ideal shape of a blossom.
  • After that, sew the bead with the bottom part of that ribbon-made a flower and make some tight knots before cutting off the thread. You will get four pieces of white petals in perfect shape.
  • Then, cut out one piece of green ribbon to craft a leaf from it and burn the edges a little with a lighter again.
  • After that, wrap the bottom wire with the floral tape and set the leaf one side of your ribbon-made flower.
  • Now, take some artificial pollen from a few fake plastic flowers, cut the extra part and set it inside the centre of your flower with some glue.
  • After making some flowers in a similar way, set them on a wire crafted headband which you can easily prepare from your metal wire.
  • Once the wire-band is ready, cover the end parts up with another piece of white ribbon, and set all the flowers by twisting the ends separately on the wire-band.
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