#37 DIY Christmas Stockings & Pillows : Free Sewing Patterns

Christmas Stockings and Pillows

Christmas is coming within a month and the last minute preparation is still on in our houses. Whenever we think of a Christmas decoration, a Christmas tree is that particular thing which instantly occurs in our minds, and a Christmas tree is quite incomplete without the Christmas stocking, right?

Christmas stocking is a blank sock or sock-shaped bag that is used to hang in the event of Christmas evening or night to get gifts from Santa. Christmas pillows are essential for perfect Christmas embellishments in your house interior. Here are some useful ideas in both categories below-

DIY Christmas Stockings Santa Claus Stockings

DIY Christmas Stocking:

Every time you craft a DY Christmas stocking, give it a shape of a sock because that is precise in a mythological way for a traditional Christmas decoration. You can prepare that sock bag with various products like clothes, felts, velvet, tassels, burlap, cuddly, jeans, woolen, or from any recycled things like an old sweater, coffee bags, etc.

Stocking could be designed with different styles as well like, retro, classic, Ombre, ruffles, hippie, feathery, funky, pom-pom made, Boho, etc.

To craft, a sock patterned stocking effortlessly, follow the mentioned step below-

  • At first gather, the required things which are pencil, paper, scissors, felt, needle, thread, string, craft glue and some ornamentation components to use after completing the sock.
  • Now, draw the structure of a sock on that paper and cut it out to use as a template on the felt
  • Then, fold the felt once and trace the template from the top.
  • Now, cut the figure out of the whole felt and you will get two similar pieces of felts which both are in sock
  • Stitch two sock pieces together alongside and leave the top open.
  • Finally, all you need is just to use our rest elements to complete and beautify the sock for a perfect Christmas stocking.

DIY Christmas Santa Claus Stockings

Easy Christmas Stocking Step by Step Tutorial

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Felt Chrismas Stockings

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Drop Cloth Christmas Stocking

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Beginners Christmas Stockings

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DIY Burlap Christmas Stockings – Personalized Stockings

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Patchwork Stocking

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Tutorial How to Make Christmas Stockings at Home DIY Burlap Stockings

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Do it Yourself Christmas Stockings – Video Tutorial

Rustic Hunting Stockings Right up our alley since this is the theme of our family room

DIY Christmas Stockings

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DIY Christmas Stockings Knitting patternsDIY Christmas Stockings

Kristen hall

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DIY Christmas Pillows:

Christmas pillows are even easier to craft n which you just need some basic object of pillows like a one-yard piece of felt or soft cloth, twine, some sponges, one needle, and some contrasting felt pieces to create the Christmas design over the pillow.

  • At first cut out the desiring shape of a pillow from your cloth and the stitch the utmost side with twine.
  • Leave a small portion from where you can insert the sponge, and then sew it up tightly.
  • Finally, you just need to utilize those remaining ornamentation elements wisely from which you can create a nice Christmas design over the top surface of your handmade pillow.

Christmas tree embroidered, sleigh bell, Merry lumber, road trip Santa, reindeer on velvet base, snowflakes, north pole map, Merry Christmas designed, etc. are some famous designs of Christmas pillow patterns.

DIY Santa Claus Pillow for this Christmas

DIY Christmas Santa Claus Pillow Cover

Christmas Deer and Up-cycled Pant Pillow

Christmas DIY pillows with Bigger pom poms

DIY Christmas pillow


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DIY Christmas Glittering Bow Pillow

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Merry Christmas Bright Patchwork Pillow

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DIY Holiday Pillow Slipcovers

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Deer Family Pillow

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 DIY Christmas Holiday Chevron Pillow Crochet – Colorful Yarn

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How to Decorate your Pillows with Sharpies

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Merry Christmas Pillow and Plaid Bedroom

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Christmas Stockings Coloring Pages

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