DIY Craft Ideas: Squishy Stress Ball with Diapers & Stretchy Egg Yolk Stress Ball

We have already told about the beneficial sides and entertaining aspects of stress balls in our previous DIY stress ball tutorial, along with an apparent indication on what kinds of objects suit superbly as the main element of a stress ball! Today, we are going to instruct you about two totally different patterns of stress balls unusual objects, check them out-

Anti Stress Balls with Diapers


Stress Ball with Diapers:

  • To make a super squishy stress ball with diapers we need, some balloons with vibrant shades and designs, a baby diaper, one bottle of 500ml, food coloring 4 to 5 drops, the upper portion of a plastic bottle, and a spatula.
  • At first, mix the color with the water properly.
  • Now, take a baby diaper, unfold it appropriately and pour the colored water into the diaper and wait until the diaper absorbs all the liquid completely!
  • Then, after a while, take a scissor and cut out the upper cover of the diaper and get the internal spongy part out which already getting super softy because of the absorbent of the water for the jelly consistency.
  • Now, take the piece of the plastic bottle to create a funnel, and add it to the mouth of your balloon, just to make it easier to fill the balloon with the spongy part.
  • Then, fill the balloon with the filling until your stress ball gets the desired shape.
  • Now, all you need is just take out the funnel, make a tight knot at the top of the balloon and it’s all ready to play with your kids!

Diaper gel Squishy Stress ball

Egg Yolk Stress Ball

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Egg Yolk Stress Ball:

  • To prepare this extremely adorable stress ball you need, a mixing container, half cup of water, 1 tablespoon of borax, 2 tbsp of glue, a drop of red food coloring and 2 drops of yellow food coloring, 1 tbsp corn starch, along with a clear balloon.
  • At the initial stage, pour the warm water into the mixing bowl add the borax into the water, stir them well and keep it aside.
  • Now take another small container, pour 2 tbsp of clear or white glue; add food colorings into that container and you will get a perfect orange shade.
  • Then, add the cornstarch into the colored glue and blend smoothly.
  • After that, stir this mix into the borax water.
  • After a gap of 15 seconds, you need to take out the corn starch mix and knead it for a few minutes to get the proper condition. At the primary stage, this mix seems sticky but once it’s getting the proper condition, the harder it’s going to become.
  • Once you got a thick consistency, take out some of the mix and rolls with your hand in the shape of an egg yolk.
  • Put the orange corn starch bounty ball in your freezer for 5 minutes.
  • Now, take your clear balloon and put it into the balloon, push it down until it gets the bottom of the balloon.
  • After that, you need to blow up the balloon and add adequate water to it. Never think of adding oil into the balloon instead of water, as this may damage the whole process meticulously from the inside!
  • Now, all you need is just tying it up with a knot and the egg yolk stress ball is completely ready to use!

Picture gallery Tutorial for egg splat stress ball

DIY stress balls with diaper and borax

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