DIY Growing plants: Growing tomatoes – Pruning and Staking Tomato plants

We have already learned a lot about tomato planting with different patterns, in our previous article of how to cultivate tomatoes, thus, you must be wondered that what is remaining on this topic after such a detailing, isn’t it? Well, we perhaps learned about how to grow tomatoes but, we have not learned yet about how to keep the fruits perfect and undamaged from lots of obstacles at once! Pruning and staking are those particular methods with which we can keep our tomato fruits off the ground and protect them from several diseases. Probably that’s why numerous vegetable horticulturists advice for pruning and staking tomatoes if you want to get a better outcome of your cultivation.

As we all know that pruning is the removal process of tiny shoots that link the stem and staking is the supporting process of a creeping plant with some kinds of hard or strong stakes. You may know the meaning of these two words appropriately but, today we are going to instruct you about the true method of these two procedures through step by step methods, successively check them out-

How to grow tomatoes : Pruning and Staking – from vesey’s  seeds

Processing of Pruning:

  • This processing usually starts when your tomato plants have reached a perfect growth as per their species. We must remember here that two verities of tomatoes have two different kinds of length to grow, as determinate tomatoes have short to medium vine length while the indeterminate tomatoes continue to grow until their first frost!
  • Hence, determinate tomatoes are seemed pruned in comparatively lower length than indeterminate tomatoes. According to the validation, determinate tomatoes pruned a less and it starts when, they staked or caged, but indeterminate tomatoes are heavily pruned plants while trellised, staked and caged!
  • It is not necessary to prune your tomato plants at once; you can easily keep the pruning session during the whole growing season. To start the pruning you need to find out the perfect sucker first in your tomato plant and for that check out the main stem and the side stem, you will get a sucker there. All you need to do is that pluck those little portions off from those stems in this pruning process! It wouldn’t take very long to do that and it will definitely give you a better plant!
  • If you find some bigger suckers there in your tomato plants, you can use pruners to take them out instead of your bare hand. It will give your plant a nice clean cut which reduces any diseases which this kind of pruning is might catch!
  • When we do pruning tomato plants from one to another, it may get a little chance to spread diseases or prevent energy channels to your fruits thus, here we are suggesting one beneficial spray for your tomato plants and that is a Bordo copper spray which is a fungicide mixed with some water. This spray is actually regarded as the prevention, because, as soon as the pruning process done, the shoots start to sprout again during the growing season.

So, keep your tomato plants neat and clean with the proper pruning process and help the root to channel the fruit suitably, so then your plants can produce larger fruit than ever! Hope that these steps will definitely help you to keep longer grow season with your tomatoes.

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Processing of Staking:

  • When it’s time to start staking of your plants to keep them under better air circulation and prevent diseases, you require some twines along with some wooden posts. So, let’s starts to stake your tomato plants to keep them nice and tall and straight.
  • At first, tie a tight knot to post that next to your tomato plants, pull the string very tight, take the twine straight until the next post and during this process the string must keep under the stems of your plants.
  • Try to start this processing when your plant got the age of 7 to 10 days to give them a straight starting base.
  • Attempt to maintain a distance of about 12 inches from one twine tie to another, while you are securing the twine stake process.
  • When you reach the next post, make a twist with the twine around the post about 2 times for an extra support and then, we will back down the same side we came. Try to keep the twine as much under the plant as possible while making the twine
  • If your staking is going the right way, you can see how it is supporting the plants keeping them up, nice and straight.
  • When you are finally, get to the end of your post, you need to go all way back to the other side and do the same thing of rounding the post two times as we mentioned before. Keep continuing this process until you have all of your plants properly secured.
  • At the end of your staking, pull your string towards an individual support system which you must have besides those post as the weight of the plants are too much for those stakes to handle!
  • This anchor helps stakes to hold the entire weight of your tomato plants and at the same time provide them an adequate support what they are looking. After tying a tight knot on that base cut the string away.
  • Finally, go back to your plants and make sure that they are properly secured under the strings of your twine

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Steps of pruning and stalking

Growing tomato plants pruning and stalking

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