#49 DIY Halloween Treats and Snacks for Party Food Ideas

17 Halloween Cupcakes – DIY Cupcake Toppers, Recipes & Decor Ideas

1. Halloween Monsters –Sugar hero cupcakes

2. Green Ghost Cupcakes slime green cupcakes -Mom loves baking 

3. Ooey Goey Slime Filled Monster Eye Cupcakes -make bake celebrate

4. Chocolate pumpkin and spider creamy cupcakes –spooky cupcakes

5. Wicked Witch Leg Dumped in Green Creamy Cupcakes

6. Cute Frankenstein Cupcakes – your cup of cake

7.  Make green zombie brain cupcakes – zombie bite cakes

8. Spicy Red Devil Halloween Cupcakes –little devil cupcakes

9. Minion Monster Cupcakes for Halloween Treats –purple minion monster

10. Witch’s cauldron cupcakes with bone sprinkles –chocolate cupcakes

11. Claw Marks on Cupcakes – claw blood cupcakes

12. Halloween red velvet cupcakes with a knife –bloody cupcakes

13. Halloween Zombie brain cupcake treats –pink zombie brain cupcakes

14. How to make scary monster cupcakes for Halloween – Betty Crocker

15. Green Fondant Chocolate Frankenstein Cupcakes for Kids – Frankenstein cupcakes

16. Grim Ripper Halloween Cupcakes for Kids – mom foodie cupcakes

17. Halloween Marshmallow Web on Cupcakes –  Spooky spider web cupcakes

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