#95 DIY Halloween Costumes: Surprisingly Cute, Scary and Creepy Costumes

Halloween is a western carnival which celebrated in the utmost overseas countries on the eve of 31 October. Mythically, this is the day of all hallows or evils where people use to decorate their houses with weird embellishments and adorn themselves with some unusually frightful attire as well. Consequently, costume plays a vital part in this festivity, especially among children, and thus, many people keep researching what type of theme they should choose as their Halloween apparel.

We always want that the costume must be unique and easy-to-craft through a simple DIY process, so then; we can adorn ourselves in an exclusive yet affordable way. So, here we go with some extremely useful Halloween costume ideas in this regard which are simple to manufacture and at the same time provide you with a perfect Halloween feel with its exact appearance. Take a look below-

Will update 17 more unique costume ideas for this 2019 Halloween, and for now updated links of 95 costumes are added below each costume image.

95 DIY Halloween Costumes

1. How to Make Quick & Easy Pirate Costume:

‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movie instigates our pirate fantasy eternally and thus, we always find a cute pirate in our Halloween party, no matter what. If you are planning to adorn your kid with a perfect pirate getup then, check out this quick & easy pirate costume idea in this regard and prepare your little one into a super cute pirate with this attire.

How to make a cute pirate costume for your kids – pinsandthings

Yet another pirate costume tutorial with step by step pictures – Wikihow

Things you need to look for a pirate costume:

  • Black skirt
  • Eyepatch
  • Gold hoop earrings
  • Bandanna
  • Red ribbon
  • Bustiers
  • Black Shoes
  • Blouse
  • Striped Pants
  • Parrot
  • Sword
  • Pirate Hat
  • Skull Tattoo or headband
  • And makeup touches for a rugged or sexy pirate look

Pirate costume for women ideas on what to purchase for your pirate costume this year.

For last minute planners like me, here is the last minute pirate costume for your kid

How to make a pirate eye patch tutorial

For Tinkerbell and jake and neverland pirate fans – pirate costume for kids

Jack Sparrow-inspired pirate girly costume idea

Pirate with a hook and cute parrot -stephsnaptimenotes

How to make a pirate costume for kids – Youtube video

DIY felt boots for a pirate costume.

Few more pirate costume ideas


2. DIY Wonder Woman Halloween Costume and Makeup:

Not only kids, even teenage and adult people also participate in the trendy Halloween party and thus we need to get some useful costume ideas for grownup kids or adults as well. So, here we come up with a pretty DIY Halloween costume idea which suits brilliantly to a lady and extremely easy to craft too. Just amalgamate the costume with the perfect makeup goodies and you can relive the character of the wonder women in the prettiest way.

How to sew cute and chic wonder woman costume – bethanynoelm

Learn steps for making wonder woman crown, gold armbands, wide gold belt, and rope cosplay and makeup idea.

Chubby no sew wonder women homemade costume

Family Superheroes, Wonder Woman costume.

Things to look for wonder woman costume: Gold crown, golden belt and armbands. A red top with “W” and +blue bottom, magic rope, and red boots.

3. Easy DIY Mermaid Costume:

Mermaid is one of the most loveable magical creatures that instigate our wildest ocean fantasy ceaselessly. Every girl wants to attire like a mermaid once in her life and what is the more perfect opportunity than a classy Halloween party! So, here we come up with a simple yet super chic mermaid costume idea which you can make easily at home through a simple DIY process.

Video tutorial on easy mermaid costume for this Halloween- awesomenesstv

DIY How to sew realistic mom daughter mermaid costume idea

You can make a mermaid costume for your girl with coffee filters: you may need coffee filters, acrylic paint, tank top paint brush glue and roll of ease paper.- Hellowonderful

Cheap and easy way to add mermaid tail for a mermaid costume with leggings.

4. How to Make Halloween Unicorn Costume with 3 Ingredients:

Unicorn is one more imaginative magical creature which is admired by millions of people around the world. Pony is a renowned unicorn cartoon character which is loved y every child and it is quite hard to find a kid, who doesn’t want to meet a unicorn in their life. Hence, it won’t be a bad idea to try a pretty unicorn apparel to try for a Halloween party, right? So, here is a perfect tutorial of DIY unicorn costume preparation apparently in this below link.

How to make unicorn horn and rainbow tutu for Halloween unicorn costume awesomenesstv

Tutorial on DIY Cute Halloween Unicorn Costume for Baby Girls  – craftaholics

How to make simple and easy unicorn costume with fake fur, tights, glue gun, jewels, felt and hair color.

DIY No-sew colorful felt unicorn costume: You may need fabric scissors, glue gun, glitters, felt, thin ribbon, fabric fill and spray glue.

How to make a cute hoodie unicorn with felt, hoodie, ribbons, headbands and duct tape

5. DIY Disney’s Moana Halloween Costume Tutorial:

Moana is a famous Disney movie of the last year, features a loving character Moana, which is loved by millions of viewers around the whole world. The best part of his character is that its trendy apparel which is appreciated by the contemporary girls hugely. Thus wearing a Moana dress for a Halloween celebration would be a perfect idea from every aspect. So, here is a free tutorial for preparing this costume through a simple DIY process.

Tutorial Video @ samskylerart

How to make Maui and Moana family Halloween costume: Which covers, Moana headband flowers, necklace, orange tops and tribe kind of bottom and Maui tattoo tops, white hook and Maui’s necklace.

How to make a realistic Moana costume with the sorrygirls: You need supplies like colors of paint, Red fabric, Velcro, Oval pendant for Moana necklace, twine, fishing wire, markers, sewing machine and few more..

Yet another cute and easy way to make Moana costume for your little girl with Fabric, Tassel, grass skirt, drop cloth, hem tape, wooden beads, and sewing accessories.

6. Bethany Mota DIY Tim Burton’s Queen of Hearts Costume& Makeup:

Tim Burton’s queen is a renowned animation character which comes with a weird yet adorable getup. Definitely, this type of attire suits the celebration of a Halloween celebration spectacularly. Hence, check out this easy tutorial to get a perfect makeup for this unique character and be the star of your party with this trendy apparel swiftly.

Tutorial Video and Steps @ howto&style

7. DIY Last Minute Halloween Costume Minions, Hipster Wonder Women:

Sometimes, we don’t manage enough time to prepare an ideal Halloween costume for our festivity and have to spend some extra money to buy an expensive Halloween costume from the market. For those people, who suffer from this crisis, here we come up with a supremely easy DIY Halloween costume idea which you can prepare last minute of the carnival through a simple process.

Step by Step Ideas on Making the Costume – minion

DIY Minions Costume Loyal workers of Gru, Quirky characters cute minions: You may need supplies like yellow knitted hat, pipe cleaners, scissors, staplers, black elastic bands, thread, spray paint and piece of cardboard.

Despicable Me Minion Halloween Costumes for Couples – DIY @ youtube

DIY Last Minute Minions Halloween Costume Idea @ DIY INspired

8. How to Make Scarecrow Costume and DIY Scarecrow Makeup:

Scarecrow is inseparably related to the Halloween theme due to the several myths we have heard on the wired scarecrow stories. Hence, it would be definitely a smart idea to go with a scary scarecrow costume for a Halloween celebration. Here is a simple tutorial on how to get a perfect scarecrow getup though the suitable costume and makeup in the easiest way for your Halloween celebration.

Scarecrow Tutorial Video breekish

9. DIY Cute Last Minute Disney Costumes

  • Maleficent
  • Cheshire cat from Alice in The Wonderland
  • Monsters Inc mike
  • Bambi

Here we emerge with a perfect series of last minute Halloween costume ideas for those people, who couldn’t manage to spend too much of time in this category. If you are confused what type of costume you should choose in the shortage of time, here is a complete guide with a bunch of easy-to-craft DIY Halloween costume ideas which are inspired by the famous Disney characters. Let’s check them out and pick one according to your age and availability.

Via- keepcalmandblushon

10. DIY Halloween Last Minute Costume Ideas – Hippie Halloween Look:

Contemporary teenage girls always look for some costume idea for their Halloween celebration which is trendy and fits best with their cool image. A hippie style costume would definitely be a smart choice for these types of Halloween lovers indeed.

Via- jillcimorelli

11. Last Minute Easy and Cute DIY Deer Costume:

Deer costume looks really cute on any-aged girls, so if you are looking for a cute getup for your Halloween celebration instead of the weird one, try this getup immediately. The best part of this type of DIY Halloween costume is that it takes comparatively fewer times to complete. Accordingly, you can easily apply this pattern as the last minutes Halloween preparation in a hurry.

Via- rachaeleve

12. How to Make Vampire Halloween Costume, Makeup and Hair:

People, who love to adorn themselves only with freaky attire for their Halloween celebration, obviously would love to try a vampire or witch or zombie look in his regard. These characters are all time evils and immensely related to the theme of Halloween, thus picking one of these themes for your Halloween festivity would be a smart choice indeed.

Via- juliagilman

13. How to Get a Halloween Angel Makeup and DIY Costume:

Some people choose saint disguise in this type of hallow-based celebration and what would be more appreciating than perfect angelic apparel? The most exciting part of trying an angel makeup along with an angel costume is that the whole thing is actually very simple to get with just a few basic makeup goodies and a perfect white dress. Let’s check the simplest tutorial to grab this look for this year Halloween celebration within your fixed budget.

Via- ellavictoria

14. Really Awesome Poison Ivy Halloween Makeup Tutorial:

Poison ivy makeup looks lethally cool and extraordinarily unusual than the other common Halloween getup. Hence, if you are looking for a unique Halloween getup through the plain DIY process then, this would the best idea to pick in this regard. All you need is just some green makeup component along with a classy green dress t grab the perfect vision of a poison ivy plant in the trendiest way.

Tutorial kayleighnoelle

15. DIY Easy Lilo Stitch and Popcorn Halloween Costume:

People, who, don’t love intricate makeup or heavy costume for their Halloween celebration; always seek for some simple and easy one from the DIY category. So, here we come up with some utterly easy and low-cost Halloween costume ideas which are effortless to craft in your own workshop within a small period.

Via- lilo&popcorn

16. How to Make Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Halloween Costume:

Mutant ninja turtle is a famous fantasy character that increases our turtle love even more deeply. Thus, here we emerge with a perfect ninja turtle costume idea for teenagers or grownup kids that is super fun to try in the simplest manner.

Via- tesschristine

17. How to Make a Cute Fluffy Troll Wig:

Troll wig is a superb makeup component to grab a wired getup instantly with just its single presence. Hence, if you are looking for an unusual yet easy getup for a Halloween party, make a troll wig through a DIY process and flaunt like a weirdly cute one creature in the crowd of Halloween.

Via- fleecefun

18. How to Make a Kid Zombie Costume and Makeup:

Kids look super cute when they try some scary makeup on their face along with adorning a suitable zombie dress. These types of scary apparel may look intricate but, they are actually very easy to get. Here is a complete tutorial of how to get a flawless zombie getup for your kids through a latex-DIY crafting procedure.

Via- pins&things

19. DIY Monsters Inc Mike & Sulley Halloween Costume:

Mike & Sulley are two renowned animated characters from the famous Pixar movie ‘Monster’, where these two blue and green monsters simply own our hearts with their adorability. If you are planning to get dressed like those cutie pies then, here is a complete tutorial of how to craft these costumes easily in your own workshop through a DIY process. Try to combine the attire with the precise makeup to get the best outcome for your effort.

Mike and Sulley Monsters Inc costumes are great for couples, twins, and besties – tutorial video

20. Santa’s Helper: DIY Cute and Lovely Elf Costume:

Elf is an adorable imaginative character that is admired by the kids immensely being a holy helper of the Santa Claude. The attire of this elf is described vividly in many holy books or mythical stories which is extremely cute and simple to make. Hence, it would be a smart choice indeed if you can grab that getup for a classy Halloween party, as holy images are related to this festivity as well. This is one of the trendiest yet easy costume ideas for a Halloween celebration of all time.

Super Cute and Chic Elf costume for this Halloween

Yet another elf costume idea: Christmas elf costume pattern and learn how to make elf ears steps in pictures at deviantart.

21. Scary Mummy DIY Halloween Costume & Makeup Tutorial:

Mummy is a weird character that comes to the trend from Egyptian myths, where dead bodies weak up from their grave with an overall bandage getup along with a scary face. Certainly, this type of costume or makeup would go brilliantly with a scary Halloween theme for any aged people.

How to use liquid latex rubber and tissue papers and bandage/gauss cloth for this scary mummy costume

Yet another mummy costume – how to create last minute mummy Halloween costume with scissors, white sheets and coffee filter (optional).

22. DIY Braces Nerd Halloween Costume :

Nerd is that one person, who is avoided by their fellow classmates due to his or her weird getup and bad dressing sense. Undeniably, this type of getup could go easily with the theme of a perfect Halloween party. So, here we come up with some simple and apparent tips about how to grab such appearance with simple braces and some basic make touches easily in a quick Halloween costume attempt.

Last hour plan for easy nerd Halloween costume idea

19 more easy ideas for your nerdy Halloween costume

23. How to Make Bubbly Baymax Big Hero 6 & Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume:

Disney and Pixar are two famous franchises which create thousands of noticeable animation character with their movies. Hence, if you go with a Disney or Pixar theme for your Halloween celebration, you will definitely end up with a plethora of options to pick from. Here we are suggesting the paramount one for a perfect Halloween party in this regard.

Laura DIYs Big hero 6 and Minnie mouse costumes for Halloween

Step by step process with pictures for cute Bbaymax big hero 6 kids costume

24. Spring Fairy DIY Dress for Halloween:

Sprig fairy character is one more common and most appreciating character from the good side or saint side. Fairies are pretty to resemble and thus every girl would love to get dressed in this type of apparel for their Halloween celebration.

Lovely fairy transformation fairyhalloweencostume

Things you may need and steps to create your own woodland fairy costume

12 Steps and 7 ingredients to create a cute fairy costume

25. DIY Disney Aladin Princess Jasmine Transformation Makeup:

Princess Jasmine, the character from the famous Disney franchise ‘Aladdin’ is admired by the entire nation around the world. Hence, it would be delightful for any girl to transform themselves into the attire of this pretty princess in the name of Halloween getup. Here is a clear tutorial to grab this look through the simplest DIY process which will help you to steal the spotlight in a Halloween celebration from every aspect.

Aladdin Jasmine Makeup Steps jazminegracia

How to make Aladin costume And Princess Jasmine

26. DIY Super Hero Costumes: Marvel Avengers Girly Halloween Costumes:

Boys, who always like brave superheroes than other animated characters, would love to prepare themselves in the getup of Avengers, isn’t it? So, if you like to adorn yourself in the attire of a powerful superhero, go for this Marvel’s Avenger characters and make your Halloween celebration unforgettable for years.

Via- tesschristine

Captain America Costume –  Wikihow

Get step by stpe instruction for Loki costume

Thor Costume Ideas @ thethingswellmake.com

How to Make your own Iron Man costume

Making of Hulk Costume & here is yet another Halloween cute hulk

Just for the idea – not an easy one – Making Thonos costume

For your inspiration check this Groot costume

Few for ideas: Thor, Odin, Loki, character costume ideas @ screen junkies

27. No- sew Alice in the wonderland Family Costume Idea

@ polkadotchair.com

Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas:


Here is a bunch of useful Halloween costume ideas for you and family members and your entire friend circle, who doesn’t have enough time to experiment on their Halloween Cosplay. The best part of these ideas is that they are extremely easy to craft thus; you can use them as the last-minute Halloween preparation through the simple DIY process as well.

Nerd Halloween Costume

For nerd costume, you may need overalls, Skirt, Geek Glasses, Dentures (optional), Books, Socks and Shoes

Army Halloween Couple Costume

Theif Last Minute Halloween Costume for Kids

THings need for a theif costume: black eye mask ( can be homemade with felt), Black and white striped t-shirt, Black winter cap, black pant and a bag with a dollar symbol.

Clark Kent Superman for Kids and Adults

Supplies needed: Blue t-shirt with Superman logo, geek glasses, and a suit with tie.

Simple Skeleton Look Last Minute T-shirt Cuts

What you need: White and Black t-shirt, Draw the bone, mark and cut and makeup touch optional.

Mime Costume Idea

What you will need for a mime costume – Black and white t-shirt, black pants, suspender, white gloves, shoes and cute makeup as a mime.

Anime Girl and Boy Costume Idea

Lifeoffallon guides you on few more easy anime themed Halloween costume ideas, what set of dress, scarf, and accessories you may need.


Major need is the makeup and a frock as of your choice white or black both will do good.

Updated on 19 October 2018

Princess Peach and Browser Cosplay DIY:

Princess Peach & browser makeup and costume are some unequally exceptional yet classy idea to try as a trendy Halloween Cosplay. This type of getup actually very easy to get and could provide you with a trendy look for any type Halloween celebration indeed. Here is a complete costume and makeup tutorial for you to grab this look even the swiftest way with just a few basic makeup goodies.

Princess peach costume

DIY Minecraft Steve Halloween Costume:

Minecraft Steve is a famous video game character and admired by millions of toddlers because of its classy yet adorable appearance. You can actually show your love towards Minecraft Steve with the perfect Cosplay of this getup. Here is a clear tutorial of how you can grab this look for this year Halloween party in the easiest way.

Few More Mine Craft Costume Ideas


Food Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas:

Well, foodie people or food lovers would love to drape themselves in a perfect attire that shapes in some food pattern. This type of costume looks extremely amusing and mostly suits on kids or toddlers than adults or teenagers. You don’t need too much of makeup for a food-shaped Halloween Cosplay, just try for an appropriate costume and wear it in a proper manner to get the exact resemblance of your desired food. Here is a quick tutorial in this regard.

Few More Food Inspired Costume Ideas for Halloween


How to Make a Gumball Machine Halloween Costume:

Gumball machine costume is a smart idea to apply indeed to grab a trendy Halloween look in the simplest way. This type of attire doesn’t require any additional makeup or head accessories. You just need to assemble some colorful puffy balls on the top surface of your dress to flaunt like a gumball holder machine appropriately along with some basic machine device accessories on our torso. Here is a perfect tutorial of this entertaining Halloween costume which you can easily grab through a simple DIY process.

Tutorial at- gumball machine Halloween costume

Few DIY Gumball Machine Costume Ideas


DIY Last Minute Cactus Costume for Halloween:

If you are a green lover then, don’t miss the opportunity to show your affection with a perfect plant dress for a Halloween celebration. Here we come up with a super chic cactus-shape costume idea in this regard which is entirely easy-to-make and looks super trendy for the Halloween festivity.

Few More Halloween Cactus Costume DIY Ideas


DIY Sponge Bob Halloween Costume:

If you are planning for a Halloween party at your place and searching for a suitable Halloween costume as well then, try out this simple sponge bob ideas for your celebration. You can apply this theme to your individual attire and the party venue both with the proper preparation. Let’s see first how to make a sponge bob Halloween costume easily at home through a simple DIY process.

Few More Ideas Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick Halloween Costumes


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