#49 DIY Halloween Treats and Snacks for Party Food Ideas

Any carnival is incomplete without some delicious treat and so is Halloween. You just can’t imagine a successful Halloween celebration without a few tasty treats, right? Usually, people prefer homemade foods or treat for a perfect Halloween celebration and thus, they keep looking for some suitable recipes for their festivity.

If you are also seeking for a tasty recipe to give your near and dear ones with a delectable preparation then, your search ends here. As here we emerge with 28 extraordinarily scrumptious yet easy-to-make recipes of lip-smacking Halloween treats for you, let’ explore them quickly and pick according to your choice or availability.

1. Cute and Spooky No-Bake Treats which are Easy for this Halloween:

No-bake recipes are more easy-to-prepare and thus, they are always preferred for the carnivals. So, here we come up with 5 extremely easy no-bake treat ideas which would be a perfect match for any type of Halloween celebration. Try to use readymade candy-eyes for the monster faces to make your procedure even more effortless.

Make these Treats

2. Tasty Caramel Poisoned Apples for Halloween Party Treats :

Caramel-apple bar indeed a mouthwatering snack for anyone, thus it would be a great choice to make during the Halloween festivity. All you need is only two basic ingredients apple and caramel to make this super tasty snack perfectly at home. Use some colorful and crunchy topping for your caramel apples like Butterfinger, crushed sinkers, toffee bites, cinnamon sugar, or roasted nuts to increase the deliciousness of your caramel apple more spectacularly.

Do this Halloween Apple

3. Dip the Crispy Rice Cereals in Dark Chocolate for Candy Corn Treats:

Kids have a fetish for chocolate and they love to get the flavor of this tasty thing in their every meal, thus making a chocolate based treat would be definitely a smart idea indeed. In this treat, you can amalgamate taste and health equally and could provide your kids full nourishments through a delicious Halloween treat along with an exclusive taste. Use some vibrant color to make the crispy corn coating more alluring on the rice crispies treat along with a dark chocolate dip layer.

Make this rice crispy treats

4. Monster Treats Melted Candy on Chocolate Caramel Pretzel with Candy Eyes:

A trendy Halloween party is simply incomplete without these pretzel monsters and they taste absolutely divining when preparing with chocolate and caramel combination. Try to use different types of candies for each pretzel candy as their toppings to get varieties of monster shapes in your candy plate.

Make this pretzel treats

5. Dip the Pressed Cookies in Melted Chocolate and Wrap with Buttercream Frosting:

Mummy Cookie Pops

Mummy is a great theme to use in Halloween celebration from decorations to attire and from snacks to main course food. So, making a Mummy pop as a sweet snack in the Halloween festivity would be a great idea from every aspect. Try to use readymade confectionary minis for decorating the Mummy candies over the chocolate and butter-cream frosting surface to make the coating preparation easier.

Make this mummy pops

6. Top Frosting on Vibrant Orange Cupcakes for Candy Corn Ghost Treat:

Ghost is no doubt one of the most suitable images with the Halloween celebration and thus making DIY cupcakes with cute ghost toppings would surely be a perfect treat for a Halloween festivity. Just check out the simple preparing method of these super tasty as well as adorable cupcake recipes and you will want to give them try for this Halloween celebration for sure.

Bake this cupcake

7. Tie Split Cheese Sticks to Pretzel’s end for Witch Broomstick Halloween Snack:

Witch broomsticks are definitely one of the flawlessly suitable themes for any Halloween party. Hence, making a snack in the pattern of witch broomstick would be a perfect idea in this regard. You only need some cheese sticks and pretzel stick along with some suitable food coloring to make these pro-types of trendy Halloween snacks easily at home.

Do this snacks for Halloween

8. Make Cauldron Cupcake Treats with Green Frosting and Eyes and Bone Sprinkles:

Cauldron cupcakes are perfect for the Halloween celebration as they directly relate to the hallow theme of this festival and remind us witch, goblins or ghosts vividly. These snacks may look difficult to make but actually extremely simple and only need a few basic cupcake ingredients along with some suitable creepy toppings. Decorate the cauldron with readymade candy bones, pretzel bats and confectionary eyeballs to get the perfect Halloween-look on your homemade cupcakes.

Bake this cupcake

9. Do Creepy and Spooky Halloween Cupcakes with Skeleton Hands on Chocolate Frosting:

This is one more suitable cupcake recipe for a Halloween party which comes with a creepy topping and suits magnificently with the scary theme of a Halloween celebration. The skeleton hands use as the topping of these creepy cupcakes are readymade from the confectionary store, you can prepare them at home as well using some butter-cream and vanilla as its base ingredients.

Make this creepy cupcake

10. Make Halloween Monster Mouth with Split Apple, Peanut Butter, + Jellybean Teeth:

Monster mouth shapes are flawlessly apt for a Halloween theme and thus, using the shape in a Halloween party snack would be a smart idea indeed. You can even make each snack in a different pattern of monster mouth using different food coloring or monster teeth. Usually marshmallow, jelly beans, peeled almond, and yogurt coated nuts look perfect for a tasty yet scary monster mouth snack.

Via- Make these healthy monster treats

11. Split the Cookies add Marshmallows for Dracula’s Dentures as Halloween Treat:

Dracula dentures are one more perfect category to include in a Halloween food menu which gives us a perfect hallow glance in a delicious way. These Dracula dentures are made from chocolate chip cookies and colorful vanilla frosting along with super soft marshmallow teeth. You can use alternative sweet treats to make your snack sweeter or savor, according to your taste.

Make this Dracula denture treat

12. Make Halloween Frankenstein with Green Melted Candy on Marshmallow pops :

Making tasty pops as the Halloween celebration would be easier when you use super soft yet tasty marshmallow as the base ingredient for your recipe. Here is one more scrumptious Halloween creeper recipe for you which is supremely simple to make and would treat your tongue in the sweetest way along with a crunchy pretzel touch.

Do this marshmallow pops for Halloween

13. Cute White Chocolate Coated Mini Mice Stuffed with Red Velvet Cake:

You don’t need to pick a party theme from hallow or evil entities, sometimes, simple pests or mammals’ shape also could give you a perfect snack time in the Halloween celebration. These super adorable mini cakes in the shape of tiny mice would be a great choice to make in this regard. The best part of this recipe is that, despite their intricate flaunt, these yummy cakes are actually simple to make in your own kitchen bakery.

Make this mini mice cake for Halloween

14. Candy Eyeballed Gooey Monster-Eye cookies for Halloween Snacks:

Monster-eyes are one particular category which you can find in almost every type of Halloween celebration, either in decoration or in attire. So, what about including this suitable theme into the snack table in the shape of crispy cookies? Here we come up with the green gooey monster-eye cookie recipe for you which are utterly simple to make in your own microwave with just a few basic cookies’ ingredients.

Bake these cookie monsters

15. Prepare Avocado Mash on Toast with Veggies and Pickles for Halloween Breakfast:

Some people don’t like too many sweet treats and prefer a savor recipe even for a Halloween celebration as well. For those savor-lovers, here we emerge with a recipe that is a perfect combination of taste and health along with a suitable creepy shape for a Halloween festivity. Check out this avocado toast recipe and make your Halloween breakfast table unforgettable with its amazing taste.

Make this breakfast toast

16. Chocolate Spider-Web lines on Crispy Mini Funnel Cakes:

How do we forget about the creepy creature spider when it comes to the matter of a Halloween party, as you can’t imagine a hallow-mansion without a layer of the spider web, right? So, here we go with a crispy no-bake cake recipe using the spider web theme as its decorative topping. You can replace the liquid chocolate with black icing or any dark frosting to get the resemblance of web around your crispy cakes.

Make this crispy cake

17. Make Mini Monsters, Bats and Cute Pumpkin with Donuts and Pretzels:

Is any treat table complete without a donut in it? Well, of course not and thus, here we come with some extremely tasty mini donut recipes which are weird to flaunt with different embellishments. Use different sort of toppings to coat your mini donuts to get some smart diversity in your single Halloween-treat recipe.

Make this Halloween monster treats for kids

18. Give Spider-web Treats with Pretzels, Chocolate, and Halloween Sprinkles:

Pretzel candy is one common sweet snack for Halloween celebration and we can access this candy sticks easily to make a different type of crispy sweet snack recipe easily at home. Here we are using white chocolate candy coating to get the web view on pretzel sticks; you can replace this coating with any white-based suitable coating option if you want. Try to make an edible spider on the center of your candy to give the preparation a perfect touch from its appearance.

Steps to DIY this Snack

19. Decorate Your Cupcake Treats with Frankenstein Marshmallow Sticks:

Here is one more delicious Halloween snack idea in the shape of Frankenstein using marshmallow again as its main ingredient. This spooky-shaped snack is actually one lip-smacking chocolate vanilla Oreo fudge that could be served as tasty pops and as cupcake toppings both according to the choice of a host. Use melted candy bars to coat each marshmallow in a weird green shade as mini Frankenstein.

DIY this frankenstein Cupcake

20. You Can Easily Make These Monster Ghosts with Pretzels and Candy Melts:

Pretzel sticks are one adaptable material to make numbers of crispy and tasty snacks and here is a perfect example of that in this monster face snack. Use some melted candies to color your crispy pretzel crisps into any desired shade and apply two candy-eyes on each monster face to get the creepy view of a ghost or fiend.

Make these Halloween monsters

21. Make Ghost Meringues to Impress Your Halloween Party Guests ( 4 Ingredients):

Ghost meringues are one more image you can easily relate with the hallow theme of the Halloween festivity. Hence, using this spooky theme in your Halloween treat would not be a bad idea at all. This type of scary ghost shape is actually very easy to make just a few perfect twists. Use zip-lock bag to get the weird ghost meringues shape and cut the tip off to get the view of a ghost meringues in a tasty Halloween-treat perfectly.

Make this ghost meringues

22. Toxic Waste Food for Halloween with Macaroni Spinach and Cheese:

Toxic waste is one more sinister thing we can easily connect with the Halloween theme, so here we come with a unique recipe of tasty Mac & cheese in the pattern of green toxic waste. Make the Halloween treat table unusual than other common Halloween treats with this super tasty yet creepy-looking recipe this year.

DIY this mac cheese recipe

23. Try Making Halloween Monster Cupcakes with Cupcakes Frosting and Candy Melts:

We just can’t get rid of enough monster view for a Halloween celebration and thus come up again with one more monster treat recipe but this time it is in a cupcake. Halloween always gives us the perfect opportunity to taste our cooking skills with silly treats and this recipe is a perfect instance of that. Try to use double cupcake liners for each cupcake to give it a perfect base for your heavy monster-eye toppings.

Do these Halloween silly monster cupcakes

24. Make Cute Monster Pops with Marshmallow Candy Melts and Candy Eyes:

Here is one more marshmallow pop recipe using marshmallow as the main ingredients along with some funny monster coating. This recipe is extremely simple to make and thus you can let your kids try their hand in Halloween treat recipe with this one happily. Mentionable here that confectionary colorful sugar granules are best to make the hairy-part of a monster-head in each marshmallow pop, but you can also use roasted nuts or chocolate chips alternatively based on your availability.

Make these Halloween monster marshmallows

25. Eyeball Subs for Halloween Party Food:

Making some snacks in the shape of weird eyeballs would be a perfect idea for an ideal Halloween celebration.

Halloween eyeball sub recipe

26. That’s One Full Plate of Halloween Snacks for Dinner:

If you are looking for a complete dinner table with suitable Halloween snacks then, check out these bunch of Halloween treat recipes which are made of different sort of kinds of stuff and designed in different creepy shapes as well.
DIY these Snacks for Halloween Appetizer Plate

27. Yummy Monster Cupcakes for Halloween:

Here is one more monster cupcake recipe for a Halloween party which is simple to bake, appetizing to taste and give us a perfect Halloween feel with its creepy resemblance.

How to make this Halloween Monster Eye Cupcakes

28. And Finally, Gulp Some Gummy Worm Hawaiian Punch ( Lemon Soda with Worms ):

A treat table would be incomplete without a chilled drink, right? So, here is a refreshing fruit punch recipe in the pattern of gummy worm that goes absolutely faultless with the weird theme of a Halloween celebration indeed.

Prepare this Halloween worm punch

29. Skewered Eyeballs Halloween Treats

30. Make this Hot Dog Mummies for Halloween Kids Treat

31. Halloween Pumpkin Rice Krispe Snacks

32. Make Halloween Desserts – Monster Pumpkin Pie Pudding


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